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When you go shopping or when you need cash, CardFinans Nakit is always by your side

What is MoneyPoint?

MoneyPoint is the point you can earn as you spend using your CardFinans Nakit depending on your spending amount, and use at QNB Finansbank member merchants instead of money.

What are its Features?

  • As you shop from QNB Finansbank member merchants through QNB Finansbank POS using CardFinans Nakit, you can earn MoneyPoint. You can spend your MoneyPoint at QNB Finansbank POS of QNB Finansbank merchant network member stores.
  • You can learn the details about the MoneyPoints you have earned and used via the Internet Branch, ATMs or the Call Center. MoneyPoint earning rate may vary according to the agreement conditions with the member merchant. QNB Finansbank reserves its right to change MoneyPoint earning rate and cancel such earnings with use of CardFinans Nakit.

* The specified MoneyPoint earning rates apply for CardFinans Nakit cards linked to personal accounts.

Click here to see how you can learn the MoneyPoint amount in your CardFinans Nakit.