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Cash Management and Foreign Trade

We serve innovative, high value added and efficient solutions for your business needs

Cash Management

As with any stage of your business, we are at your service with products and services to balance your collections and payments, and provide a regular and effective cash flow.

Work with us and enjoy benefits of reducing your operational burden and costs of cash management.

Payment Products

Bulk EFT/Money Transfer System

Utilizing the Bulk EFT/Money Order System, you can perform your EFT and money orders in an electronic environment automatically and collectively. You can also submit your payment records to our bank effortlessly, rapidly and securely through our Finans Yıldızı program.

This system facilitates transaction monitoring and minimizes the risk of making errors.

Bulk Foreign Currency Transfer System

This is an advanced cash management system developed for companies transferring foreign currency by means of foreign money transfer, invisible transactions, advance payment, cash against goods and cash against documents frequently.

Bulk Foreign Currency Transfer is performed through electronic submission of your transfer details to our bank via SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Finans Yıldızı program.

Integration of ERP/Accounting Programs

The bank system is also integrated with ERP/Accounting Programs. Accounting process of payment transactions via our bank can be conducted swiftly and automatically in your system.

Bill Collections

You can perform your bill payments at the nearest QNB Finansbank Branch or via or QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking by using your QNB Finansbank account or credit card. Furthermore, you can pay your utility bills for contracted institutions in a timely manner by giving an automatic payment order at QNB Finansbank Branches or via or 0850 222 0 900 QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking.

Bill Payments via QNB Finansbank

  • Mobile phone and telecommunication payments (Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Cable TV)
  • Water bill payments
  • Natural gas bill payments
  • Electricity payments

Tax Payments

You can make your tax payments instantly at QNB Finansbank Branches or via .

Customs Duty

You can pay your customs duty effortlessly at our branches where a Customs House is available or via.

Customs Duty Collection by SMS

It is very easy to make your Customs Duty payments by SMS at QNB Finansbank!

You don't need to go to a branch to pay your customs duty. After your authorization at your branch, you can make your customs duty payments by SMS swiftly.

Motor Vehicle Tax

You can pay January and July installments of the motor vehicle tax for your vehicle from your account or via your credit card automatically by giving an order at QNB Finansbank.

Bulk Motor Vehicle Tax Payments

You can make bulk Motor Vehicle Tax payments by submitting license plate details of your vehicles to our branches.

Title Deed Fee Payment

By visiting our branches, you can make your title deed payments associated with real estate sales/purchases performed at land registry offices.

Social Security Institution Transactions

Social Security Institution Premium Payments

You can make your Social Security Insurance and Bağ-Kur premium payments at QNB Finansbank Branches or via .

You can give an automatic payment order for your premiums from your account or via your credit card to avoid delays in your SSI premium payments.

Social Security Institution Salary Payment

Social Security Insurance , Bağ-Kur and Retirement Fund pensioners can withdraw their pensions through QNB Finansbank Branches by filing an application at their affiliated institution.

Donation Payments

You can give a regular donation order at QNB Finansbank branches to support contracted institutions of your choice.

Regular Payment Services

With QNB Finansbank Regular Payment Service, you can make your payments automatically at specific intervals by giving a one-time order via QNB Finansbank Branches, or Telephone Banking - 0850 222 0 900.

QR Code Cheque

QR Code Cheque is a payment product with a QR code indicating the drawer's bank details and cheque number. The barcode available on all chequebooks can be scanned on Findeks, the smart phone application of the Credit Bureau, to check the authenticity of the cheque and obtain a summary cheque report of the drawer.

If you wish, you may get the required Findeks subscription through our bank.

Continuous Cheque Printing Program

Continuous Cheque Printing is a program developed for the purpose of printing cheques swiftly and accurately in line with your corporate identity.

Collection Products

Direct Debiting System

Direct Debiting System is a high-tech payment solution.

The system allows the parent company to collect its receivables from a dealer/distributor automatically on maturity date under the warranty of QNB Finansbank.

How Does Direct Debiting System Work?

Parent company transfers invoice details to QNB Finansbank electronically. Invoice amounts are collected automatically from the accounts of dealers/distributors on the maturity date. In case of insufficient balance, a loan equivalent to the relevant amount is extended automatically through Direct Debiting System (DDS) available credit line and payment is made to the parent company's account.

Electronic Cheque Collection System

Electronic Cheque Collection System ensures integration of company's systems with the bank's systems.

Electronic Cheque Collection System allows for a safe information exchange regarding your cheque submitted to our bank for collection.

Cheques and Promisory Notes Collections

This service allows you to collect your cheques/promisory notes through our bank.

What are the benefits of cheques/ promisory notes collection service?

  • Facilitates collection and tracking
  • Allows you to use cheques/ promisory notes as a loan collateral, when needed

Cash and Cheque Collection Service

Cash Collection Service

This service allows companies working with high cash volumes to transfer cash from specified points to the bank or vice versa in armored vehicles. If you sell your products/services in cash, you can benefit from cash collection/delivery service with armored vehicles at your stores, regions and branches.

Cheque Collection Service

If your payments are made primarily with cheques, you can submit your cheques to the nearest QNB Finansbank branch.

Furthermore, you can deliver your cheques to our special armored vehicles at your headquarters or regional directorates with a copy of your collection receipt.

Specialized Cash Management Solutions

e-Invoice Collateralized Loan

It is a new supply chain finance product as treating e-invoices issued by the firm as a new type of collateral.

Firms, willing to use loan, should only receive e-invoice services from the subsidiary of QNB Finansbank which is eFinans.

This product, as intended for SME, corporate and commercial segment customers, offers an easy financing without waiting for the receivables' due date.


e-Signature is an electronic data which is exclusive for the signatory only, offering the same legal validity with handwritten signature.

It ensures that the information sent has not been altered during the process. Besides, it is only created on behalf of individuals. Signature verification is performed by our bank automatically for the files and orders you will transfer to our bank by adding your e-Signature.

e-Invoice Payment Transactions Through Corporate Internet Banking

Firms, receiving e-Invoice services from eFinans, can display and pay incoming e-Invoices via Corporate Internet Banking after authorizing eFinans to share invoice details with our bank. Payment can be performed through Internet Banking by following Cash Flow > e-Invoice > Invoices Issued for Your Company > e-Invoice Payment.

Supplier Chain Finance

This is a finance model that meets the immediate liquidity needs of the suppliers by discounting of receivables from their sales to large-scale companies within the allocated credit limit.

Electronic Statement

Electronic Statement is a cash management system that enables you to monitor all your account activities at QNB Finansbank electronically (online or offline). Based on your choice, your electronic statement can be sent by e-mail, SFTP or SWIFT.

Automatic Transfer System

Automatic Transfer System is a cash management system developed for companies dealing with internal transfers extensively.

The system allows one or more automatic internal transfers on a daily basis with a single order.

Vehicle Identification System

You can purchase your fuel at contracted fuel stations without paying cash through the Vehicle Identification System.

The system collects your invoice amount automatically from your account on maturity date.

Trade Finance

We aim to fulfill your requests and needs with tailor made solutions for foreign trade operations through traditional foreign trade finance products as well as structured finance products.

Our Trade Finance Specialists are always at your service to determine your needs and offer exclusive Trade Finance solutions.

Trade Finance Payment Methods

Advance Payment

This is a payment method through which importer pays cost of goods in cash while exporter ships the goods after receiving their cost.

  • As importer pays cost of goods in cash, it is entitled to a cash discount.
  • This method of payment poses the highest risk for importer because of the payment before delivery of goods.
  • It is the most advantageous payment method for exporter.
  • As importer pays cost of goods in cash, importer doesn't pay Resource Utilization Support Fund (Turkish: Kaynak Kullanımını Destekleme Fonu -KKDF).

Cash Against Documents

This is a payment method by which shipping documents for goods are handled over to importer's bank via exporter's bank only if the importer fully pays the cost of goods.

  • Exporter can transfer shipping documents for goods to importer's bank through its bank on the condition that they will be handled over upon collection of the cost of goods or directly to the importer by issuing shipping document to the order of importer's bank.
  • Exporter recognizes the fact that importer cannot clear the goods without payment. Importer makes the payment upon delivery of the goods.

Cash Against Goods

This is a payment method by which importer pays the cost of purchased goods at a later date upon delivery of goods to the destination specified in the sales contract and their receipt by the importer based on the arrangement made.

  • Since the payment is made after delivery of the goods, this payment method poses the lowest risk for importer and it has the highest risk for exporter
  • This is considered as a credit offered by seller to buyer as the cost of goods is not paid yet when actual import takes place at customs. Resource Utilization Support Fund is therefore paid before clearing the goods from customs.

Letter of Credit

It is a conditional bank commitment undertaking that the cost of goods will be paid by the importer's bank (issuing bank) upon request of the importer following the presentation of documents specified in the letter of credit terms by the exporter (beneficiary) within the period specified in the letter of credit.

The exporter is ensured that the bank makes a payment when the exporter presents the document specified in the letter of credit. The importer's payment obligation occurs only when the document requested by the importer within the letter of credit is presented.

Acceptance Credit

In this payment method, seller guarantees itself with a time draft while providing a term to the buyer. The documents for the shipped goods are typically transferred via banks and submitted to the importer upon acceptance of time draft. Bank avalized draft generates a payment commitment for the bank.

  • Importer pays the cost of goods on maturity date of the time draft/bond.
  • It allows importers to buy goods with a specific term.
  • Import through acceptance credit can be performed in form of cash against documents, letter of credit and cash against goods.

BPO (Bank Payment Obligation)

This is a structure through which a bank's payment guarantee is included in debt/receivable relationships arising from actual/future business activities via methods of payment which do not involve a bank's payment guarantee typically with the use of SWIFT TSU system. The bank adds its own payment guarantee to the payment guarantee agreed upon by the seller and buyer.

  • This is the fastest way of making payment among the trade finance payment methods.
  • Taking the advantage of widespread electronic data exchange, this method is based on the execution of the entire process from the order stage to the payment stage in electronic environment and on provision of a payment guarantee for the debt of the buyer by one or more banks at specific rates.
  • This is performed under URBPO, an ICC publication no. 750E which was published for the first time by the International Chamber of Commerce in 2013.
  • This is subject to Resource Utilization and Support Payment in the case of non-payment or deferred payment in clearance of goods.

Cash Financing Alternatives for Exporters

Credits Extended by Our Bank

Feel free to visit our branches for our exclusive exporter packages and all kinds of cash and non-cash credits in foreign exchange or Turkish Lira.

Eximbank Credits

Eximbank Credits are extended by Türkiye İhracat Bankası A.Ş. (Türk Eximbank) directly or through banks to support the exporter. It is more cost-efficient than other export cash- credit options.

Our bank acts as a mediator for all of credit facilities offered by Türk Eximbank with granting various conditions such as long-term and short-term including Pre-shipment or Post Shipment credits, parallel to the needs of companies.

Central Bank of  The Repulic of Turkey Rediscount Credit

Our bank acts as a mediator for credits extended to our exporters pursuant to the CBRT Regulation on Rediscounts and Advance.

International Resources Offering Import Financing

ECA Credits

These are medium-term financing credits offered by some countries to importers through their relevant Export Credit Agencies (ECA) to promote exports.

QNB Finansbank provides intermediation service for importers who wish to use ECA credits.

  • ECA credits offer advantages such as long-term maturity and relatively low interest rates for importers.
  • Provides a high purchasing power to companies.
  • They can be granted for any type of investment goods.
  • There is also GSM credit granted by the US Exim solely for products such as grains, cotton, corn etc.

List of ECA credits and relevant Export Credit Agencies is as follows:

  • CCC (GSM/USA - Agricultural Products)
  • US Exim (USA)
  • Hermes (Germany)
  • OEKB (Austria)
  • EKF (Denmark)
  • FINNVERA (Finland)
  • COFACE (France)
  • NCM (the Netherlands)
  • ECGD (UK)
  • CESCE (Spain)
  • EKN (Sweden)
  • SERV (Switzerland)
  • SACE (Italy)
  • SIMEST (Italy)
  • JBIC (Japan)
  • NEXI (Japan)
  • EDC (Canada)
  • China Eximbank (China)
  • TaiwanExim (Taiwan)
  • KEXIM (South Korea)
  • Türk Eximbank (Turkey)

Financing Provided by Multilateral Development Banks

You can utilize intermediary services offered by QNB Finansbank for financing your investments and projects by the IFC, World Bank, European Investment Bank, Islamic Development Bank and similar institutions.

In addition to that, we provide consultancy and intermediation in financing prerequisites, preparation of application documents etc. when you wish to apply to these institutions directly.

Other Collaterals and Financing Products Used in International Trade

External Guarantees

This is an irrevocable payment commitment issued by our bank without correspondence of another bank to facilitate delivery of goods, payment of a debt or performance of a job to foreign-based respondent individuals or institutions.

Counter Guarantees

We can issue a letter of guarantee directly for you, based on a guarantee issued at the order of a foreign bank to your company and granted by foreign company's bank to our bank.

As for the commercial transactions and tenders requiring submission of a letter of guarantee on behalf of foreign individuals and entities, we can ensure that such individuals and entities can obtain a letter of guarantee directly from their bank by issuing a counter guarantee if you have a non-cash credit line at our bank.

Standby Letters of Credit

Similar to letters of guarantee, standby letter of credit is an irrevocable payment obligation of a bank based on compensation request of the addressee if it fails to fulfill an obligation.

As for commercial transactions requiring submission of a standby letter of credit to foreign individuals or entities, it is possible to issue a standby letter of credit to the foreign banks of such individuals and entities via our bank if you have a credit line at our bank.

Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance provides an assurance in the form of risk management pool to eliminate collection risk of short-term claims arising from domestic or foreign sales, rather than provide a 100% guarantee on invoice basis.

It aims to secure high turnovers cost-effectively based on an approach of scale economy, risk sharing and diversification.

It can be issued at your request to secure your overseas sales, which are not secured under the guarantee of a domestic bank, against the buyer's commercial risk and political risks in country of export.

Cash Financing Methods Based on Discounting of Accounts Receivable


It means purchase of export-related undue receivable by a bank or specialized financial institution (forfaiter) without recourse to the exporter.

Advantages for exporters

  • It is a liquid instrument, as it enables exporter to convert their receivables into cash at a specific price.
  • It provides financing without recourse. And it allows your liquidity to increase without involving in your balance sheet as a credit.
  • It improves your competitive edge and marketing power.

Advantages for importers

  • You can purchase with a longer term.
  • Financial opportunities provided by your credibility to exporter allows you to establish stronger buyer-supplier relationships.

Export Letter of Credit Discounting

Our bank discounts confirmed or unconfirmed letters of credit issued in favor of you and pay the document amount to you in TRY before the maturity date.

Export Bill Discounting Against Documents with Acceptance Credit

Our bank can make payment to you before maturity date of bills by discounting your exports, which are submitted for collection against document with acceptance credit and confirmed by the correspondent bank regarding the maturity and aval.

Self-Service Foreign Trade Menu

You can now perform your foreign trade transactions swiftly and conveniently without visiting a branch!

We are at your service with new and effective solutions, allowing you to monitor your transactions anywhere around the world. Furthermore, it is also possible to converse with the bank and obtain services through Foreign Trade Transactions Hotline (216 524 4545), where you can find answers to any of your Foreign Trade questions through Corporate Internet Banking!

Your transaction gateway to the globe!


  • Through QNB Finansbank Corporate Internet Banking, you can perform import and invisible item transactions in several methods of payment, such as advance payment, cash against goods/documents, and cash against goods/documents with acceptance credit or letter of credit.
  • You can review your previous transfers performed through Corporate Internet Banking, and create new transactions.
  • You can also review previous import, export and invisible item files opened by our bank.
  • Complete your letter of credit application form through QNB Finansbank Corporate Internet Banking, and submit it to your branch.
  • Once you have registered the exporter / seller information, you can reuse it in your future transactions. You can also save all exporter/seller details in a .txt file.

We offer a new service channel, exclusive for your business, through Self-Service Foreign Trade Internet Menu!


  • You can complete your Foreign Trade transactions through Corporate Internet Banking.
  • You will receive SMS/e-mail update on transaction statuses.
  • Contact Foreign Trade Transactions Hotline (0216 524 4545) to receive support on your transactions.
  • Enjoy advantageous exchange rates, offered exclusively for you.
  • You can perform repeating transfers rapidly through "Saved Transaction" tab.

Contact your branch to define authorization to perform Foreign Trade transactions through Corporate Internet Banking.

SWIFT Inbound Tracking Service is now at your service on our Corporate Internet Branch!

We are one of the first banks in Turkey that provided Swift Inbound Tracking service via digital channles to its customers.

When it comes to tracking your cross border payments, QNB Finansbank is by your side with is branches, "QNB Mobil" and online banking services.

As QNB Finansbank; we have integrated into SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovation) system. With the SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovations) feature, you can easily track the status of your transfers, the intermediary banks’ information and the date/time of every transaction step by step.
Cross border payment services that you have not tracked before have been faster and more transparent!

The features that can be tracked with SWIFT GPI:

  • Status of transfer 
  • Information of intermediary bank & correspondent bank
  • Correspondent bank fee information received at each stage for the transaction
  • Date/time information of the transactions at the intermediary/correspondent bank

It is easy to track your cross border payments with QNB Finansbank’s branches, "QNB Mobil" and Corporate Internet  Branch. Your incoming foreign currency transfers can be  also monitored through our branches.