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Tailored solutions for your business

Finansbank's expertise is always at your service in foreign trade operations such as import/export letters of guarantee/reference letters.

Letters of Guarantee

Letters of Guarantee may be in either TL or foreign currencies and addressed to state-run institutions or private companies. Letters of Guarantee enable you to increase your reliability and help to increase your trade volume and profits.

Export/Import Collections Against Goods (cash against goods)

QNB Finansbank gives you a fast and practical way to handle your import and export transactions in accordance with the terms of your agreement with the overseas firm.

Export/Import Collections Against Documents (cash against documents)

QNB Finansbank offers you an easy and low-cost way to handle your imports and exports.

Letters of Credit

QNB Finansbank handles collections for your exports with a bank guarantee and opens letters of credit for import transactions.

Letter of Guarantee in Foreign Currencies

QNB Finansbank can guarantee your debts and commitments to companies in foreign countries, by securing your foreign trade transactions. This helps to make your operations more flexible. In order to take advantage of this option you need to have a QNB Finansbank line of credit.

Bank Letter of Reference

If you are a construction firm and a customer of our Bank with established credit lines, your requests for bank Letters of Reference, in foreign currencies or TL, can be prepared and delivered to the addressed persons or institutions by our branches.

Acceptance Credit / Credit by way of Guarantee

The Acceptance Credit is a type of credit that allows you to pay the amount due for imports at a later date. In the event that a bank guarantee is required for payment, you can conduct your import activities with a guarantee from QNB Finansbank and pay the amount due for your imports at a future date according to the agreement made with the counterparty.