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Cosme Program

A Brand New Offer for Enterprises

In association with the European Union (EU) and European Mutual Fund (EMF), QNB Finansbank is launching a brand new loan product for enterprises.

At QNB Finansbank, we are extending loan support services for you to grow and expand your business within the scope of the COSME Program.

Eligible enterprises can apply for commercial installment loan with a term of 1-5 years depending on their credibility by taking the advantage of profitable interest rates and conditions by visiting QNB Finansbank branches to access the financial support they need.

Which enterprises can apply for this loan?


  • With a maximum of 10 employees
  • Operating for a minimum 6 months and maximum 5 years
  • With a maximum turnover of less than TRY 2M in last year
  • That do not operate in such industries as tobacco, alcohol, weapon etc.*

How to apply?

Do you want to take the advantage of our loan offers within the scope of this program? Then you can simply consult QNB Finansbank Branches and apply.

Required Documentation for Application

For Unlimited Companies:

  • A copy of identity card
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Statement of signature

For Limited and Joint Stock Companies:

  • Copies of identity card of partners and authorized persons
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Circular of Signature / Statement of Signature
  • An up-to-date Trade Registry Certificate or Certificate of Good Standing and Chamber Registry Certificate to be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Trade Registry Gazette (documenting the articles of incorporation, title, partnership and latest capital structure)

What is COSME?

COSME is a program of the European Union to support the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, promote the culture of entrepreneurship and assist the growth of SMEs.

It was commissioned in the period of 2014 - 2020 with a planned budget of EUR 2.3 billion to enhance the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized enterprises.**

Legal Disclaimer

Loan amount to be allocated may vary depending on the client. QNB Finansbank reserves the right to evaluate and reject applications at its own discretion. QNB Finansbank may change the interest rates according to market conditions and determine validity date of the campaign in accordance with the quantity and dates of loan requests.