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Online Shopping with CardFinans Nakit

When you go shopping or when you need cash, CardFinans Nakit is always by your side

You can use your CardFinans Nakit debit card to shop online from the 3D Secure-supported Web sites of the contracted stores, without remittance or EFT transactions.

For your online shopping with your debit card, you only need to have your transaction amount not exceed your available balance in your main account that is linked to your card.

In order to make an online transaction on non-secure or 3D Secure- supported web sites, it is necessary to define the internet shopping authority and monthly internet shopping limit of your debit card.

In case your debit card's internet shopping authority is not turned on, you will not be able to use any of your debit cards on non-secure or 3D Secure-supported websites.

To use your debit card on online shopping, you need to define monthly internet shopping limit for your transactions.

The monthly internet shopping limit will be reset at the beginning of each month, and you will be able to use up to the limit you set every month.

How the 3D Secure System Works

  • The 3D Secure System is the authorization step, supported by the Interbank Card Center, Visa and MasterCard, which allows you to shop online with maximum security.
  • In payment step, the QNB Finansbank Secure Payment Window shows up on the screen and you are asked to fill in the payment details.
  • When you click the 'Send' button, the system checks your card information and sends the one-time shopping password to your mobile phone via SMS.
  • Once you enter the shopping password sent to your mobile phone on the screen, your shopping transaction is completed.
  • To use the 3D Secure shopping system, your mobile phone registered to our database should be updated and accurate.

Our customers whose registered mobile phone number is incorrect or incomplete can carry on with their transaction after updating their mobile number via the Internet branch or our Call Center (08502220900).