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Cash Loans

Tailored solutions for your business

In order to take advantage of new opportunities that arise or to protect your interests in the face of an unexpected turn of events, it is of extreme importance that your cash credit needs are met promptly.

Spot Loans

These kinds of loans are available for the short-term financial needs of businesses. Since the interest rate is fixed on the day the credit is used, the risks arising from interest rate fluctuations are avoided. This loan can be used for a maximum period of 90 days, within the credit lines approved.

Revolving Line of Credit

This type of credit works like an advance drawn from a current account, leaving the account in debt. A cash credit against your signature and/or tangible collateral (cash, mortgage, securities, time deposit, check/promissory notes etc.) is provided for a given maturity and limit, taking into account your needs and credit rating. You can decide to settle your credit debt either partly or in full, at any time you choose.

Commercial Deposit Account with Overdraft Facilities

This is an account that you can use to meet your urgent needs and also withdraw cash. You may make your payments including checks or bills, within the credit limit assigned to your deposit account, even if there are not sufficient funds in your account.

Installed Commercial Loans

Installment loans, in your choice of either foreign currency indexed or New Turkish Lira (TL), can be repaid in regular monthly installments or with flexible repayment schedules, which you can set according to your own cash flow.

Discount/Negotiation Loans

In this loan the promissory notes received from your customers are sold to the Bank through endorsement (alienation) and delivery. Non-payment risk will then be borne by the Bank.

Investment Loans (up to 5 year terms)

The investment loans may be used either as foreign currency indexed or in New Turkish Lira. These loans are provided for mid-term or long-term investments in machinery, equipment, fixtures etc. and repayments can be made according to flexible schedules that you can set on the basis of your cash flow up to 60-month terms.

Automobile Loans

Auto loans are available for personal or commercial vehicles, on a foreign currency indexed or a New Turkish Lira basis, with terms of up to 48 months.

Commercial Premises Loans

You can use this loan for the purchase of commercial premises, on a foreign currency indexed or New Turkish Lira basis, with terms of up to 60 months available.

Foreign Currency Indexed Loans

These loans are indexed to a specified foreign currency (Euro & US Dollar). The advantage of this type of loan is that while it allows companies to benefit from the proportionally lower interest rate applying to foreign-exchange loans in a climate of TL stability, it does so without creating a foreign exchange obligation from a regulatory point of view by using TL indexing to foreign exchange. This loan is best suited for companies that expect foreign exchange rate rises to remain below interest rates on TL denominated loans. You may repay these loans in up to 12-month terms and in equal monthly installments.

Foreign Currency Loans

If your company deals with exports or export-like sales in foreign currency earning operations (as specified in Turkish foreign trade legislation), you may make use of foreign currency loans on the condition that your export undertakings are fulfilled (also as specified in Turkish foreign trade legislation).

You may receive these loans before the delivery of export goods. Loans offer attractive terms and conditions.