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CardFinans Nakit

When you go shopping or when you need cash, CardFinans Nakit is always by your side

It allows shopping without cash, and installment without a credit card!

Advantages of CardFinans Nakit

  • CardFinans Nakit is a debit card by which you can carry out all of your banking transactions and shop without needing cash.
  • By using CardFinans Nakit you can earn MoneyPoint from QNB Finansbank's POS. You can use your MoneyPoints in your shopping transactions from QNB Finansbank POS.
  • Thanks to its contactless feature, you can pay without entering the PIN into the POS or without signing, for your payments up to TRY 500.
  • Thanks to the 3 Layered Secure System, you can shop securely with your CardFinans Nakit.
  • Installment option with CardFinans Nakit.
  • With CardFinans Nakit, you can withdraw money not only from QNB Finansbank ATMs but also from Common Point ATMs of other banks. *
  • With your CardFinans Nakit, you can withdraw money abroad from any ATM with a Electron/Plus and/or Maestro/Cirrus emblem.
  • Again, at anywhere with the emblems above, you can shop by using your card to withdraw from your Balance.
  • By saving your card details to Masterpass, you can pay with one click in your subsequent purchases without entering card details at those merchants where you see the Masterpass logo.
  • If you have an End of Month Account defined for your CardFinans Nakit card, you can withdraw money and shop even if your balance is zero.

*Commissions for Account Balance Inquiry and Withdraw Money transactions performed with your CardFinans Nakit from Common Point ATMs of other banks will be withdrawn by our Bank from your balance.

Click here to see the list of transactions available at QNB Finansbank ATMs.