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Merchant Services

Tailored solutions for your business


FinansPOS receives online authorization and generates sales documents by electronically transmitting the details of credit cards or bankcards transactions. It offers discounts and installment options from 2 to up to 12 months, for CardFinans holders.


Mail Order, or the purchasing of goods/services by telephone or written order from the cardholder, without visiting the place of business, is now widely practiced in Turkey.


FinansWebPOS is a virtual POS terminal providing a secure environment for websites to sell goods/services to their customers online, using a credit card.

FinansWebPOS is designed to meet all the electronic trading and security standards set by Visa, MasterCard and Europay, as well as the requirements of any potential regulations that may be adopted worldwide for electronic transactions.


All the transactions that are available with FinansWebPOS can also be conducted with FinansMobilPOS by wireless connection over GSM lines.

FinansMobilPOS makes it possible to conduct online sales transactions outside the office or without a landline, allowing your company to go directly to the customers to make a sale, rather than waiting for the customer to come to you.

Specific Solutions for Your Business

Finansbank is at your service to provide you with specific solutions to address the needs of your company and to create strategies for business growth.

In-flight duty free sales with POS: We are the first bank to offer in-flight duty free sales by credit card, through POS terminals working offline.