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About QNB Finansbank

QNB Finansbank has been ceaselessly operating since its inception on October 26th 1987, steadfast with its goals of offering more than traditional banking services to its customers and becoming the Financer of Turkey. Focused on responding to Turkey's growing financial needs as the Financer of Turkey, QNB Finansbank continues to expand its stellar list of accomplishments - as has always been the case- with its customer-oriented strategies and a passionate and vigorous employee force who are experts in their field and committed to their values.

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Key Financials

  • 2018***
    TL million
  • 157,416Assets
  • 95,295Loans*
  • 83,413Customer Deposits**
  • 14,572Shareholders Equity
  • 2,410Net Income
  • 1.6%RoAA
  • 18.1%RoAE
  • 15.4%CAR

* Represents performing loans
** Does not include bank deposits 
*** Prepared based on BRSA bank-only financials

Shareholder Structure 

2018 Annual Report
QNB Finansbank’s Investor Presentation with FY2018 Financial Results

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