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Installment and Interest Yield

When you go shopping or when you need cash, CardFinans Nakit is always by your side

  • With the available balance in your account, you can use CardFinans Nakit to shop in installment at any contracted stores, with maturity from 2 months to 9 months.
  • The installment amount that should be paid will be instantly collected from your primary account* as you carry out the spending transaction.
  • The outstanding installment amounts covered from your account balance is transferred to a time deposit account**, and you earn daily interest based on your total balance of the outstanding installment amount.
  • The amount in your savings account corresponding to your outstanding installments will be transferred from your savings account balance to your current account on installment date, and then the installment amount will be collected.
  • The interest transfer date of your time deposit account is the opening date*** of your current account. Once every month, the interest yield will be transferred to your current account. If you wish, you may change the date of transfer from the time deposit account from any QNB Finansbank Branch.
  • If you have an End of Month Account defined for your account, you can also use the defined limit in your shopping. The End of Month Account is a loan limit specified for you and for your cash needs which does not require loan application.

* You have a primary account linked to your debit card. In your shopping transaction, this is your only account recognized by POS. 
** The first installment account is not included in the amount to be transferred to the time deposit account.
*** The "Opening Date" of time deposit accounts opened on weekends or holidays will be the day they are opened, their "Effective Date" will be the first business day following the opening day, and the "Maturity Date" will be the day after the effective date.