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Confidentiality Policy

This policy and the content hereof is prepared by QNB Finansbank and belongs to QNB Finansbank. Copying, using, sharing with third persons, disclosing and reproducing all or a portion of the content hereof, shall be subject to prior written approval by QNB Finansbank.

Our Purpose

We, as QNB Finansbank, set our priorities as protecting personal data of our clients or third persons (“Users”) who use our web service and digital resources, creating transparency and mutual trust regarding these matters. First of all, we would like to thank you for preferring our QNB Finansbank web sites, or the extensions thereof and together with, but not limited to them, our social media pages and/or our digital channels (collectively “QNB Finansbank Pages”)

This Confidentiality Policy (the “Policy”) concerns your personal data processed by QNB Finansbank at the times when you contact QNB Finansbank via our online and digital channels, such as the cases where you visit our website / where you use our internet banking products, where you request credit cards and loans from QNB Finansbank Pages or where you receive support from our customer services in our website.

When performing certain financial transactions in our mobile application (such as Easy Address Definition and Mobile Money Transfer), you can grant us permission to access your phone book for instant use. QNB Finansbank will only access your phone book at the moment you want to perform the relevant transaction.

You may find more detailed information regarding processing of your personal data by QNB Finansbank, in the Policy of QNB Finansbank on Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

Why We Request Your Data;

We request your personal data, including but not limited to the purposes specified below;

  • To fulfil our obligations according to Banking legislation and sub-regulations,
  • To provide Online Banking products and services,
  • To conduct user identifications for internet banking log-ins,
  • To conduct intelligence, information researches, planning and statistical studies for credibility evaluations,
  • To contact you regarding updates,
  • To keep your information for your future interaction and communications with our Bank,
  • In order to increase the quality of the products and services of our Bank, to provide guidance to you for the products that you may be interested in considering your usage habits, to provide information regarding campaigns, and to carry out advertising, marketing, promotion and campaigning activities relating the mentioned services and products, 
  • To increase service quality in our QNB Finansbank Pages, and to utilize in customer analysis by getting to know our Users, to conduct various marketing and advertising activities, 
  • To assess customer complaints and suggestions regarding our Services, and to resolve problems experienced by our Users regarding banking and our products,
  • To present proposals to our Users by our contracted institutions and solution partners, to inform the Users regarding our services.

If we process your data for any purpose other than those listed above, we shall conduct this in compliance with legal framework and/or within the scope of the Policy of QNB Finansbank on Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

What Kind of Data We Collect

We collect personal data in the below-mentioned scope and at the points that you contact with QNB Finansbank Pages, such as the cases where you enter to our website or log in to internet banking, use our "QNB Mobil"  applications or engage in interactions on social media

  • Your information specified in the forms which you shall fill on QNB Finansbank Pages (your Turkish Republic Identity Number under the scope of a loan demand, your address,  your phone number, your name and without being limited to the mentioned, any information to be given by you and the data composed by our Bank)
  • Your information regarding information updates which you disclose to us
  • Details regarding your visit to QNB Finansbank Pages (data such as your internet traffic, data regarding your location and without being limited to these, other communication data)
  • Your personal data required for our services that we can offer you
  • Your IP address and internet scanner information and data regarding your behavioural preferences
  • Cookies (for detailed information, please examine our Cookie Policy at the end of the page) 

Your Rights Relating to Your Personal Data and Transparency

In our activities for processing of personal data which we, as QNB Finansbank, conduct in compliance with the law within the scope of the Banking services offered by our Bank; we pay attention to the security of your personal data at the highest level.

It is the basic principle of QNB Finansbank to use your personal data for banking transactions, to protect your right to privacy and your fundamental rights and freedoms.

In this context, you may obtain information regarding your personal data which you have presented to our Bank, may update them, may demand the deletion thereof, if legally possible. You may find the explanations regarding these matters and more, in the section titled as “Rights of the Data Owner”, of the Policy of QNB Finansbank on Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

You may communicate your suggestions regarding confidentiality relating to QNB Finansbank Pages and requests regarding your personal data via 

Issues Regarding Information Security

QNB Finansbank undertakes to provide confidentiality, within the framework of following basic rules, of the customer information, obtained or kept by it in compliance with legal legislations and based on its banking approach and customer oriented service philosophy.

  • Information required to perform banking transactions and needed within the scope of offered services, shall be taken from our customers and shall be kept.
  • Unless there is any legal requirement, customer information shall not be shared with any third person or institution without consent of the customers.
  • Customer information may be disclosed within the framework legal regulations, when demanded by regulatory authorities, judicial and administrative authorities which the Bank is subject to.
  • In case business relations are maintained with various institutions in order to receive support services, such firms shall be ensured to comply with the confidentiality policy and conditions of QNB Finansbank.
  • Necessary security measures shall be taken on information systems, in order to prevent any unauthorised access to the customer information.
  • Access to the customer information by the Bank’s staff shall be regulated on the basis of most limited authorisation level required to perform the work and the principle of segregation of duties.

QNB Finansbank A.Ş. Cookie Policy

Cookies are used in order to provide you with the best possible online banking experience in our website while our Bank conducts banking activities presented to you, our valued customers.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are minor electronic files which are loaded onto your device when you visit our web site and which contain information. Cookies assist in recollection of the language, settings etc. information of your device relating to your visit since web scanners are defined for automatic pre-admission, and are used widely in cyber world.

Types of cookies used in our website:

We use 2 types of cookies in our web site:

  • Temporary cookies: They shall be created when users visit our web site and shall remain active, as long as the users are active on the web site; they shall be deleted automatically when they close the page.
  • Permanent cookies: They shall be created when users visit our web site and shall not be deleted until their validity period expires. These cookies generally provide us the opportunity to recollect our visitors and to create a customised experience in their next visit.

Our purposes to use cookies generally:

  • Recording user experience and preferences of users on the web sites, in order to customise subsequent visits by persons,
  • Increasing the performance of website,
  • Collecting statistical information in order to perform more efficient marketing activities.

In addition to the cookies our Bank creates, within the scope of the services received from third parties such as Google, Facebook, advertising activities may be maintained in accordance with your preferences in order to improve your user experience.

Confidential information of the users shall not be kept in any of the cookies we use.

If you do not want cookies to be kept in your computer, you may change your cookie usage preferences through the settings section of your browser.

Our Warning Regarding Changes in the Policy

In case of any changes or any new additions are made to the content of this Policy, latest up-to-date policy shall be offered to our Users on our website at in order to provide transparency, to give information regarding how we collect data and for what purpose we use those data.