Available Transactions

QNB Finansbank ATMs:
Easy, Fast and Clever Cashiers

  • You can deposit cash and pay your outstanding credit card balance without using your card via QNB Finansbank ATMs.
  • All you need to do is to press the ENTER key on the keyboard!
  • You can deposit cash to other bank's account number/IBAN
  • You can pay other bank's credit card debt
  • Account Summary and Balance Inquiry 
  • Instant Cash Deposit*
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Money Transfers (Internal Transfers, Transfers and Saved Wire Transfers)
  • Loan Transactions
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Online Mobile Top-Up
  • Bill Payment
  • Address Inquiry
  • Password Transactions
*You can carry out this transaction only via QNB Finansbank ATMs.
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Advance / Cash Advance in Installments
  • CardFinans Instant Loan
  • Inquiry/ Pin Transaction
  • Address Inquiry
  • Last Statement Information
  • Make e-statement order
  • Current Transactions
  • Debt and Limit Info
  • Online Mobile Top-Up

Let Your Credit Card do the Debit Card Transactions too!

  • You do not need to carry your debit card with you, you can carry out all your banking transactions using just one card.
  • Withdraw Cash
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Cash Advance
  • Install Pin
  • Change Pin