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Banking as a Service

Meet Banking as a Service with QNB Finansbank!

Thanks to QNB Finansbank’s Banking as a Service, you can include all banking products and services to your mobile application or website and you can stay one step ahead of your competitors by saving your customers time for banking operations.

Meet Banking as a Service with QNB Finansbank, deliver banking products and services to your customers through your own mobile application or website. With this way, your customers; will not have to leave your company's mobile application or website for banking transactions!

What is Banking as a Service?

Banking as a Service is a business model in which banking products and services are offered to customers through applications or websites of non-bank companies.

Who can benefit from Banking as a Service?

All companies that provide services through mobile applications and websites and want to offer financial solutions to their customers can benefit from QNB Finansbank's Banking as a Service.

How does Banking as a Service work?

Companies that want to benefit from Banking as a Service can use the infrastructure owned by QNB Finansbank by directly connecting through QNB Finansbank's open banking services (APIs) and provide their customers with new products and services specific to the sector they operate, in addition to existing QNB Finansbank products.

What are the application conditions?

Banking as a Service (BaaS), is regulated by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) with a regulation released on January 1, 2022. 
All companies that meet the requirements within the scope of the regulation can submit their applications to the bank which they would like to benefit from.

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For application:

What are the benefits of Banking as a Service for customers?

Through Banking as a Service, individual or corporate customers can instantly access and purchase many products and services such as loan solutions, credit cards, account and investment transactions, without applying any other application or bank,

Is Banking as a Service safe?

With Banking as a Service, the data of customers who apply to access the products and services of QNB Finansbank or purchase new services through mobile applications or websites of non-bank companies are shared with the customer's own consent and instruction, only to the extent required by the service, through a secure technological infrastructure.
Customers can stop the sharing of their information at any time and terminate the service from the relevant company.