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Transaction Limits And Hours

QNB Finansbank ATMs: Easy, Fast and Clever

Type of Transaction Minimum Amount/Share Maximum Amount/Share Transaction time
Cash Withdrawal 10 TL 5.000 TL* All day
Cash Deposit (with card) 5 TL 185.000 TL All day
Cash Deposit (cardless)** 5 TL 184.900 TL All day
EFT (with card) 1 TL 10.000 TL 9:00 - 17:15
EFT (cardless)** 10 TL 184.900 TL 9:00 - 17:15
Transfer by Order/
Transfer to Account
1 TL 10.000 TL All Day
Buy/Sell Funds 1 share - 9:00 - 13:30
16:40 - 9:00

* Cash withdrawal is limited to 1.500 TL. Daily limit has been temporarily increased to 5.000 TL. This daily limit may change according to customer segmentation. You may withdraw additional cash up to your daily withdrawal limit by paying commissions. (In card-access menu, additional cash withdrawal is not available for FX currency accounts.)

** Total cardless cash deposit limit is 184.900 TL on our ATM's. (In cardless menu you can deposit USD or EUR to your accounts at our ATMs which accept USD/EUR within this limit)