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Telephone Banking

A Huge Branch at the Other End of the Line

After having won "The Best Call Center Award" in "Call Centers with more than 500 Seats" category in the “İstanbul Call Center Awards” distributed by the Call Center Awards in 2011, QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking is now at your service via its new line at "+90 850 222 0 900"

When you call us via this new number, "+90 850 222 0 900" you will be able to perform a great number of transactions in a fast and secure manner through the high-tech interactive voice response system and competent customer consultants.

  • Advanced "interactive voice response system" recognizes you and offers customized menus providing you with faster and easier means to benefit from our services.
  • You are able to perform a great number of transactions securely, without the need for connecting to a customer consultant.
  • You can perform a great number of banking transactions, from getting "Instant Loan" and paying tax, to issuing automatic payment orders and card applications, as well as getting information on credit card products through one single call.

The new line (+90) 850 222 0 900 allows you to access QNB Finansbank Call Center quickly and readily from abroad.

QNB Finansbank Telephone Banking renders uninterrupted 7/24 service for you through its expert and convivial staff.

At the other end of the phone, you have a huge branch which knows and understands you very well, even if you do not see it!