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Are you all cashed out?


For your every need, QNB Finansbank Overdraft is here for you!


Overdraft is a credit limit specified for you and for your cash needs, automatic bill payments, and shopping with your debit card. It brings you the comfort to withdraw cash or money in installments and to shop even if your account balance is zero.

How to Apply for Overdraft?

  • If you are a QNB Finansbank customer, you may easily apply for Overdraft account via Branches, "QNB Mobil", Internet Banking, ATM, and Call Center.
  • If you are not, you may apply for Overdraft via Branches.

What are the Advantages of Overdraft?

  • It eliminates the need to apply for loan and go through loan procedures for your cash needs. *
  • With Overdraft, you will not need to worry about interest rates, and meet your needs by paying appropriate commissions with maturities as long as 24 months.
  • At anywhere with a Maestro/Cirrus and Electron/Plus logo, you can use your Overdraft with your CardFinans Nakit card to shop, within your limit, in advance or installments even if your account balance is zero.

* Our bank reserves its right to demand additional document or guarantee following the investigation.

If you do not want to use your Overdraft limit for shopping, you can call +90 850 222 0 900 to demand that your Overdraft be invalid for shopping.


  • No separate limit is allocated for installment use. Installment amount cannot exceed the percentage of your Overdraft limit specified by the bank. Installment feature may only be used upon the demand of the account owner. *
  • The amount of installment use is 200 TL in minimum and 10,000 TL in maximum.
  • The amount used may be paid back in up to 24 installments.
  • If you wish, you can see your payment details on the Internet or dial the call center to demand your payment details via e-mail or fax.
  • Installment amounts should be paid on specified dates. Overdraft interest for installment use does not apply if such amounts are paid on specified dates.
  • In case the installments are not paid on time, Overdraft interest applies on the basis of unpaid installment amount.
  • On monthly basis, a 15% resource utilization support fund and a 5% banking and insurance transaction tax are collected over the commission amounts.
  • Installment feature of Overdraft may be used even if your account balance is positive.
  • Installment feature can be used via ATMs, Call Centers, Branches or the Internet.

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