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Mortgage Loans

There is a suitable remedy for any misgiving, and suitable loan for any need

Buying the house of my dreams is easy, QNB Finansbank offers MortgageEasy.

Let us give you your mortgage loan, and open your new home's door together.

The home you?ve been dreaming of for years is now very close to you. With our mortgage loans that will make you a homeowner, and with our branch officials who you can ask anything should you wish and work together with to deal with your problems, we are always there to help you.

We are inviting you to Finansbank, to discuss the mortgage options to make you a homeowner with most favorable conditions, make the best decisions together at every step of the loaning process, and share your happiness when you have your keys in your hands.

QNB Finansbank mortgage loans are the best way to be a homeowner. This is because;

MortgageEasy offers various mortgage loan options.

No matter your expectation, budget, or payment conditions, there is always a MortgageEasy option offering you the home you are just looking for.

MortgageEasy provides the most favorable conditions for you to own a home.

It is our goal to provide the most favorable conditions to make you a homeowner. MortgageEasy products offer you favorable mortgage loan options, each one different from the other, eliminating any concern you might have when it comes to interest rates or loaning expenses.

Our MortgageEasy-specialist branch officials are always there to help you.

Our experienced branch officials are available at the closest QNB Finansbank Branch to answer any of your questions about QNB Finansbank mortgage loans, help you choose the most favorable mortgage loan, and be by your side at every stage of the loaning process.

MortgageEasy offers a reliable and expert appraisal process.

QNB Finansbank's Expert Housing Appraisers will conduct swift and accurate appreciating efforts to determine the status and value of the house you choose.

Swift application, evaluation, and utilization processes.

Please use the following channels to take an informed decision and apply for the mortgage loan best suited to your needs.

Can foreigners take out a mortgage loan?

The customer must be resident in Turkey. Our requirements also include: proof of income earned in Turkey, having an address in Turkey indicated in the official address section of the certificate of residence, having permits to work and reside in Turkey, etc. Different applications are authorized by the Credit Allocation Unit.