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Consumer Loans

There is a suitable remedy for any misgiving, and suitable loan for any need

For Any Need of Any Kind

For Your Future

At any step for you future, whether that be studying in the school, at the program, in the country of your dreams, we will be there by your side.

For Attaining Your Wishes

You do not need to wait any second for the computer you need, or the refrigerator you dream of. Buy anything you want without thinking of the cash problem, and pay them slowly via budget-oriented payment options.

For Your Happiness

Do not let wedding organizations, household shoppings and honeymoon plans give you sleepless nights, let none be missing when you are getting married. You just enjoy the best day of your life, and make your payments via flexible maturity and payment plans tailored to you.

For Discovering the World

Let yourself, rather than your mind, be the one to wander off far away. Let there remain no land, at home or abroad, where you wanted to go but could not. Fare joyfully, pay easily!


  • Budget-friendly repayment with maturity options of up to 36 months.
  • You may discuss with your customer representative to form your repayment plan in complete accordance with your budget, and take your consumer loan with fixed, flexible or intermediary payment options.
  • You may clear your remaining debt prematurely, without any penalty payment.
  • You may utilize your consumer loan in TL.
  • You will be protected by a Life Insurance throughout the loan period.
  • After all the documents related to your loan application are submitted to our branch, you may obtain preapproval within an average of 1 business day.
  • Our foreign customers who are resident in Turkey (whose place of residence is in Turkey) and have a fixed income in Turkey may utilize our loans. Please contact your nearest QNB Finansbank Branch for detailed information.
  • Whether you are a QNB Finansbank customer or not, you can easily apply for credit through or KrediGO application. In case your application was approved, if you are a QNB Finansbank customer, you can instantly deposit the credit amount to your account; if you are not a QNB Finansbank customer, you may come to one of our branches and deposit the credit amount to your account.
  • If you are already a QNB Finansbank customer, you may easily apply for Online Credit via QNB Finansbank Internet or "QNB Mobil". In case your application was approved, you may instantly use your credit through ONB Finansbank Internet or "QNB Mobil".
  • QNB Finansbank customers can apply for credit 7/24 via our Call Center and in case their application was approved, they can instantly deposit the credit amount to their accounts.