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CardFinans Modern Protection Plan

Assurance for both your life and property? We think it is possible

With the Modern Protection Plan, you can put under assurance your damages from extortion or purse-snatching, liabilities against third persons and legal liabilities, within coverage limits.

  • Pecuniary damages, damages to your personal belongings(excluding mobile phones, travel tickets, laptops and laptop components and including bag) or valuables due to robbery and purse-snatching and costs for re-procurement of documents like ID card, passport and driving license as well as your keys.
  • Your personal liabilities arising from damages against third persons by you or immediate family members, your liabilities against third person as head of family are under coverage subject to special conditions and general conditions of legal liability insurance against third persons.
  • The insurance covers lawsuit expenses like counsel?s fee, consulting fee, arbitration fee, guarantee fund, execution, appeal, and revision of decision, instigation of warning, petition and petition response.

  Additional Coverage Alternative 1 Alternative 2
Coverage Name Coverage Price Coverage Price Coverage Price
Robbery / Purse-snatching Nakit Para   400 TL 150 TL 300 TL
  Özel Eşyalar   1.600 TL 600 TL 1.200 TL
In case of Death by Accident 10.000 TL 2.500 TL 4.000 TL
In case of Permanent Injury by Accident 10.000 TL 1.000 TL 2.000 TL
Acil ambulans ve tıbbi danışmanlık LİMİTSİZ LİMİTSİZ LİMİTSİZ

The policy could be benefited by persons between the ages of 18-65.