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Professional Liability Insurances

Your assurance is as much important to us as your patients are to you

It is a compulsory insurance that puts under assurance pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and litigation costs of private and public health institutions, doctors, dentists and specialists per legislation of medical specialty, under policy coverage.

Agreements entered according to the General Conditions of Professional Liability Insurance and prior to the effect of the Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Doctors with Respect to Medical Malpractice may be adapted to compulsory insurance provisions via an endorsement between parties.

Please visit the nearest Finansbank Branch to benefit from this service.


  • Policy cost is collected in advance.
  • Within the scope of this policy, the maximum coverage amount for each incident is 300,000 TL. Even if the risk has realized, the maximum coverage amount per incident remains the same during the term of the agreement. 
  • This insurance is only valid for professional activities the insured carries out within the Republic of Turkey.
  • In this policy, damages that arise as a result of incidents occurring within one year prior to or during the effect of the agreement as well as claims for damages suffered by others, which occur as a result of professional activity of the insured during the agreement or two years following the end of the agreement, are under coverage. 

The Insurance Company Offering Compulsory Insurance Policy for Doctors