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Domestic Travel Insurance

You are now safe even when you go on domestic travels

With Domestic Travel insurance, you can put yourself under assurance against emergencies, with wide indemnities like medical help, loss of luggage, and bankruptcy of the agency.

  • Medical Treatment Coverage
  • Transport of the Insured for Medical Reasons
  • Return Travel
  • Funeral Transport of the Insured
  • Loss of Luggage or Luggage Damage
  • Bankruptcy and Non-fulfillment of Obligation of the Travel Agency
  • Tour Cancellation by Participant

TIME NET Premium (TL)
1 Day 2,2
2 Days 4
3 Days 5,8
4 Days 7,5
5 Days 10
7 Days 11
10 Days 15
16 Days 23
22 Days 25

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