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Saving Account

Comfort of a demand account, the yield of a deposit account

Saving Account is designed to make your life easier by combining the advantages of a demand account with the profit provided by a deposit account.

With Saving Account, you can experience the comfort of a demand account while enjoying the yield of a deposit account.

You can gain money with the favorable interest rates with no worry of maturity. You get the return right away on the same day.


You can open your account in the currency type of TRY, USD or EUR.

  • Saving Account allows you to
    • deposit and/or withdraw money during the day,
    • make transfers/EFTs,
    • pay bills,
    • give Automatic Payment Order for your bills and direct debit mandates,
    • have an overdraft limit defined for your account,

There is no floor amount for opening this account.

To get interest income on your account, your balance must be above the floor you determine. The floor fixed by the bank is minimum TRY 1500 for TRY accounts of natural persons while it is minimum EUR/USD 3.000 for EUR / USD accounts. The standard floor fixed by the bank for legal persons is TRY/EUR/USD 10.000. You can increase floor amount for your accounts according to your cash needs any time. The floor amount is left at the account with no interest accrual. The balance exceeding the floor amount gets interest yield. If your account balance is below the floor amount, you will get no interest yield.

  • The applicable interest rate is independently fixed by the BANK according to the currency selected at the time of account opening, the amount kept at the account and the date when the Saving Account is first identified for the client.
  • The rate of interest to bear on the Saving Account may vary depending on the standard term deposit applicable at the BANK. In Saving Account, an interest at the current rate accrues on the balance remaining at the account in an amount above the floor at the end of a given day. The rate of the overnight interest to accrue on Saving Account is fixed according to the entire amount of balance above the floor at the end of a given day, regardless of the day time period. Furthermore, interest may accrue on the amounts deposited on weekends/public holidays and at the hours after 5.00 pm on the same day.
  • In Saving Account, the transfer of the amount on which an interest will accrue to the deposit account is effected at the end of the day and the balance at the deposit account is transferred to the demand account linked to Saving Account after the interest is accrued on the account in the beginning of the day. No saving is made on the amount transferred to the deposit account between the time when the day end transactions starts and ends; only the balance amount remaining at the account can be used.
  • Both real and legal persons can benefit from Saving Account.

How can you enjoy the "Saving Account Introductory Rates"?

  • You can benefit from introductory interest rates for the very first account you open, for once only per account opened in each currency.
  • The Advantageous Introductory Rates are applicable on the days when you have a balance up to TRY/USD/EUR 250 thousand excluding the floor amount at your account. The introductory rates are those which prevail on the day of opening of the account. Such rates are applied for a period of 45 days as from the date of opening.
  • The current Saving Account overnight interest rates are applied to your account on the days when you have a balance exceeding TRY/USD/EUR 250 thousand excluding the amount of floor.
  • The Introductory Rates vary depending on the type currency.

You can direct all your complaints and feedback through telephone banking at 0850 222 0900 and 0850 222 2900 or through QNB Finansbank website.


You can open and/or close your saving accounts through all QNB Finansbank branches, through telephone banking at  0850 222 09 00 or by .

Interest Rates and Fees

Our bank will quarterly collect an account maintenance fee of TRY38.25 from your account. If you have only foreign currency account with our bank or the funds available in your TRY account is not sufficient, foreign currency equivalent of TRY38.25 will be collected from your foreign currency account. This amount will be calculated based on our bank's selling rate prevailing on the date of collection.


How long are introductory rates applicable?

Introductory rates are applicable for a period of 45 days as from the date of opening. However, your deposit must be in a maximum amount of TRY/USD/EUR 250 thousand excluding the amount of floor in order to benefit from the introductory rates.

For which currencies can I benefit from the introductory rates?

You can benefit from the introductory rates for the accounts in TRY, Euro and Dollar.

How many times can I take the advantage of the introductory rates?

You can enjoy introductory rates once for accounts in each currency.

What amount should I have in my deposit to enjoy introductory rates?

To enjoy the introductory rates, your deposit must be in a maximum amount of TRY/USD/EUR 250 thousand excluding the amount of floor.

Can I withdraw money from my Saving Account any time?

You can withdraw money from Saving Account any time with no loss of interest.

Can I deposit money to my Saving Account?

You can deposit money to your Saving Account.