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Apply for a Card

Quick and simple processes

When you apply for a QNB Finansbank account, you can also request a (CardFinans Nakit) debit and cash machine card.

After you have completed the steps for opening an account and have a QNB Finansbank Deposit Account in your name, if you agree, your QNB Finansbank Account Representative will immediately request a CardFinans Nakit cash machine and debit card. The step to receive a CardFinans Nakit will in all cases be automatically carried out except if the customer specifically requests not to have a card

  • We can deliver your CardFinans Nakit to your address via courier upon request.
  • For security reasons your CardFinans Nakit security code must be sent to another address (specified by you) different from the address the card has been delivered to or if you prefer, the CardFinans Nakit can be sent to your QNB Finansbank branch.

* To reach our Telephone Banking abroad, please dial +90 850 222 0 900.