Corporate Internet Banking

QNB Finansbank banking services
are as close as your computer

The renewed Corporate Internet Branch now allows you to easily follow up your company status and swiftly perform your transactions.

Thanks to the fast, secure and functional layout of the Internet Branch, you may define different transactions and authorities for each user and determine different transaction limits for the users you have authorized.

The fully-authorized user you determine for the Internet Branch may define transaction authorities and limits of other Internet Branch users of your company, as well as their account/card authorities; add receivable account restrictions; and enable a new password to be sent if users forget their passwords.

You may now enjoy the chance of spontaneously following up your company's status thanks to the home page of the new Internet Branch. Moreover, functionalities such as Agenda and Cash Flow will help you effortlessly access to further information about upcoming transactions.

Simply fill out the following documents and submit them at the nearest branch for application procedures and user authorizations.

Documents you are kindly requested to take from a QNB Finansbank Branch:

  • Banking Transactions Contract
  • Electronic Banking Form
  • Documents relating to your company
  • Signature circular
  • Please click here for Corporate Internet Banking Transaction List.
  • Please click here for Corporate Internet Banking Transaction Hours.