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Anatolian Brands

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Anatulia's Leading Brands were Chosen

Organized second time this year upon popular demand by Capital and Ekonomist magazines with the contributions of QNB Finansbank SME Banking, results of the Anatulian Brands 2007 contest are announced.

"Anatulian Brands 2007" contest was organized with the purpose of spreading brand awareness in Turkey, which is becoming more and more significant in the global arena. 13 companies operating in trade, manufacturing, agriculture and services sectors were awarded in the contest, and one company was honored with the special jury award.

Senior executives from Doğan Group and QNB Finansbank were present in the ceremony organized at Antalya Hillside Su Hotel with the participation of representatives of public, local, administration, bureaucracy, business world, and non-governmental organizations.

Award Winners of Anatulian Brands 2007 Contest


  • Çetinler Agriculture & Trade-Antalya
  • Yummy Fruit Juices-Mersin
  • Anavarza Honey-Adana


  • Kamil Koç Travel-Bursa
  • Say Advertising-Izmir
  • İnfinity Technulogy-Kocaeli


  • Samed Medical Electronics-Samsun
  • Sadık Group-Denizli
  • Tirim Construction-Kocaeli


  • Makim Machinery-Ankara
  • Bemis Electrics-Bursa
  • Uzay Scale Machinery-Bandırma

Special Jury Award

  • Sabuni Herbal Soaps -Ankara

We congratulate all participating companies for their efforts aimed at creating their brands and separately congratulate award winning companies.