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Tailored solutions for your business

QNB Finansbank acts as a broker to help you easily obtain all kinds of insurance, including workplace, auto and shipping, with the most convenient payment terms.


QNB Finansbank can provide you with any type of insurance, including business property, auto or shipping, featuring convenient payment terms.

Business Property Insurance Package

With a Business Property Insurance Package offered by Finans Sigorta through our bank, you can protect your business and its movables, inventories and fixed assets, against financial losses.


In a leasing plan, the machinery or the equipment that your business needs is purchased by Finans Leasing, a QNB Finansbank affiliate, which then allows you to use it, in exchange for a specified rent. For the duration of the leasing contract, the ownership of the machinery or equipment remains with Finans Leasing, while your company holds the rights to its use. At the end of the contract, you acquire the ownership of the machinery or equipment.


Factoring is a financial service in which the receivables of companies that offer sales on account are purchased by financial institutions called 'factoring companies'. A specified percentage of the receivables are paid to your company by the factoring company immediately as cash, and the remainder is paid after it receives the due payment from the buyer, providing your company with a regular cash flow to help ensure its steady growth.

Safe Deposit Box

You can take advantage of the safe deposit box service available at our branches at any time.