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Collection Facilities

Tailored solutions for your business

Member Store Services

You can increase your turnover with FinansPOS, FinansMailOrder, FinansWebPOS, FinansMobilPOS and other company-specific solutions, by accepting credit and bank cards at your place of business. You can come and visit us at your nearest branch to take advantage of our Member Store Services.

Check / Bill Collection System

If your company's collections are mainly in the form of checks or promissory notes, you can send us the collection information regarding those checks or promissory notes electronically and have their amounts added to your account.

Direct Collection System

This system allows your account to automatically collect payments from your regular customers (dealers) who buy your products on a continuous basis. On the due date, the collection amount is automatically transferred from the accounts of your dealers to your account (provided that the receivables are not in the form of checks or promissory notes).