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Payment Facilities

Tailored solutions for your business


You can request a checkbook when you start working with us and enjoy the convenience of using checks for all your payments without having to worry about keeping cash on hand. You can also block checks at your convenience, or submit received checks to our bank for clearance and collection.

Automatic Bill Payments

You can pay your bills automatically from your current account with a single order, without any hassle or waiting. When you have a Commercial Deposit Account with an Overdraft Limit, your payments are made up to the amount of your credit limit even when there are insufficient funds in your account.

Tax / Social Security Premium Payments

You can pay your motor vehicle and other taxes, as well as your periodic or late Social Security Premium obligations, at QNB Finansbank branches. Your payments can also be made quickly and conveniently using QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.

Automatic Payments

You can give us an order to have regular or non-regular payments, such as rent, installments, subscriptions etc., the dates of which are known in advance, be made automatically to any bank account.

Salary Payments

QNB Finansbank can set up an automatic payment system to make salary payments to your staff on your behalf. All we need is to have your payroll information sent to us electronically.

Continuous Check Printing Program

If you make a large number of check payments, this program can help you decrease your operational workload and minimize human error by generating your checks quickly and automatically. The program can also be integrated into your accounting system, allowing the transmission of check information using the data import/export function.