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Bank Bill and Bank Bond

QNB Finansbank Securities for your Investments

What Is Bank Bill?

They are the securities issued by the banks in the capacity as debtor and sold according to discount principle by being issued following registry by Capital Market Board. Maturity of the Bank Bills is shorter than a year.

What Is Bank Bond?

They are the securities which are issued with discount or coupon and of which maturity is one year or longer. Bills with coupon can be issued with fixed and variable interest payment.

What Are the Specifications of Bank Bills and Bonds?

  • The Bank Bills and Bonds are liquid instruments. When liquidation is wanted without waiting for end or maturity, the market conditions of that day is based on.
  • In case they are quoted, they can be traded in BIST Bill and Bond Market.
  • "Indicator Interest" rate, which will be the base for interest and price of the Bank Bills and Bonds in the issue date specified, is calculated by basing on Government Debt Securities issued by Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury.

What Are the Advantages of Bank Bills and Bonds?

  • When the Bank Bills and Bonds are kept until the maturity date, they guarantee a certain return.
  • The Bank Bill presents additional return compared to Treasury Bill and Government Bonds.
  • The banks present "additional return rate" more than interest rate of Government Debt Securities to investors for the bills and bonds they issued.
  • The bank bills provide tax advantage with 10% stoppage rate.

How Can You Perform Purchasing Transactions of Finansbank Bank Bills and Bonds?

You can easily perform Bank Bill and Bond purchasing transactions from QNB Finansbank Branches and via in the public offering periods announced by Finansbank.

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