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Private Portfolio

A product that guides your savings while you are living: Private Portfolio

Meet new product of FinansInvest*: Private Portfolio, let your investments shape in the hands of expert portfolio managers.

There are 3 different portfolio options pursuant to expectations and habits of the investors.

Cautious Portfolio

If you do not like taking risks and prefer deposits return; Cautious Portfolio is suitable for you. The large part of your savings is valued in deposits and similar products and the remaining part is valued in instruments such as Treasury Bill, Government Bond and Private Sector Bonds in line with the market conditions.

Dynamic Portfolio

If you are an investor who prefers fixed income investment instruments but sees no harm in taking risk if there is the chance of increasing the gain, Dynamic Portfolio is just for you! In the portfolio managed flexibly; up to 20% of your savings can be valued on equities by taking some risk in the positive market conditions. Up to 100% part of your savings can be valued in the fixed income investment instruments in the negative market conditions.

Benchmarking criterion of Dynamic Portfolio is '10% BIST 100 Index' and '90% KYD 1 Month Benchmark Deposit Index + 0.75%'. Since Dynamic Portfolio, aiming return over the benchmarking criterion, is valued in equity up to 20%, there is not risk of loss from capital.

Share Portfolio

Share Portfolio is suitable for investors who want to value his/her investments in stock exchange, are ready for taking risk but having difficulty in equity selection, do not have knowledge about stock exchange or have difficulty in following the market trends

Benchmarking criterion of Share Portfolio is '90% BIST 100 Index' and '10% KYD Gross Repo Index'. Since Share Portfolio, which aims return over the benchmarking criterion, is valued in equity at the rate of 75% and more, there is not risk of loss from capital.

*Finansbank is the agency of FinansInvest.

Pair Trade

Pair trade is a market neutral trading strategy which is performed by simultaneously buying relatively outperforming instrument and selling relatively underperforming instrument among two correlated shares or BIST indexes. The aim isto hedge the losing position with a reverse position.

It is suitable for the investors who want to reduce market risk and want to get middle or long term return. Pair Trade Portfolio Benchmark: BİST KYD 1 Month Benchmark Deposit Index + 5% (Annual). Pair Trading Portfolio customers are not asked to pay the annual management fee or performance fee. Minimum entry amount is 100.000 TL for Pair Trade Portfolio.

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* QNB Finansbank is an investment organization acting on behalf of Finansinvest within the authority of brokering command transmission

** One must be a Finansinvest customer in order to benefit from Special Portfolio products and advantages