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Have you opened Saving Account before in the currency type chosen?

You indicated that you have not opened Saving Account before in the currency type chosen in the above-mentioned option. Within this scope, you will be able to benefit from introduction interest for 45 days as of the opening date of your account. Otherwise the introduction interest is not paid.

Lower Limit Amount
Deposit Amount

Your deposit amount must be higher than the lower limit amount in order to earn interest.

In order for you to receive introduction interest, your account balance should be between the lower limit amount and 250 thousand. Standard Saving Account overnight interest rate will be applied to your account on the days when your account balance is above TRY/USD/EUR 250 thousand and after the Introduction Interest period. Click here to find out the standard overnight interest rates.

Deposit Amount: :0 
Lower Limit Amount: :0 
Maturiy Day: :0  Day
Annual Gross Intorduction Interest Rate: :0
Annual Net Introduction Interest Rate: :0
Standard Annual Gross Interest Rate: :0
Standard Annual Net Interest Rate: :0
Gross Interest Amount: :0 
Tax and Fund Amount: :0 
Net Interest Amount: :0 
Maturity Value: :0 

We would like to remind you that you will be able to benefit from the introduction interest once for each foreign currency.
The introduction interest rate is valid on the day the account is opened. Intorduction Interest Rate differs according to the currency type.