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Agricultural Investment Products

Tailored solutions for your business

We provide any investment product that you may need in order to grow your savings or business funds in TRY or FX with the exclusive expertise and advantages of Finansbank.

Time Deposit

Your Customer Service Representative, who is committed to ensuring your privacy and security, monitors your account continuously. Your account statement will be sent to you at the end of each month, if requested.


With repo, you can invest your savings for a high return in the short term, and earn continuous net returns. Your Customer Service Representative, who is committed to ensuring your privacy and security, monitors your account constantly.

Treasury Bills/ Government Bonds

Treasury Bills and Government Bonds provide high returns that are determined in advance and secured by the government. Treasury Bills and Government Bonds are available in any desired maturity at every QNB Finansbank branch.

Mutual Funds

You can create a portfolio of Type-A and Type-B mutual funds designed to match your tolerance for risk and earnings expectations, and take advantage of the high returns on mutual funds managed by our professional staff. You can get information on our current and past fund prices and monitor the price increases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, from the beginning of the year to the present, or during any given time period.


You can buy or sell stocks through FinansInvest at QNB Finansbank branches. You can hold these stocks for any length of time or make purchases or sales as frequently as you wish.

Protected Foreign Currency Account

With this unique foreign currency account, QNB Finansbank reimburses you for any losses you may incur in the event that the exchange rate at the maturity is lower than the one at the beginning of the term when you opened your account. However, you still benefit from any increases in the foreign exchange rate.

In a Protected FX Account, you can make a deposit with maturities of 6 to 12 months. When the exchange rate increases, you automatically enjoy an increase in your funds' value. However, let us suppose that it decreases. In that event, QNB Finansbank reimburses you the full amount of your loss. With a Protected FX Account, your savings in Euro can also be secured against a drop in the parity rate.

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