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Free Mobile Phone Credits

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Perform your Western Union Money Transfer Transaction at Finansbank, and win Free Mobile Phone Credits/Minutes in proportion to the number of your transactions within a month!

Number of Western Union Transfers Free Credits Free minutes
2 transactions per month 25 6.50
3 transactions per month 50 12.50
4 transactions per month 75 19.00
5 to 9 transactions per month 100 25.00
10 to 14 transactions per month 125 31.50
15 to 19 transactions per month 150 37.50
Over 20 transactions per month 200 50.00

What You Need to Do to Win Free Credits / Minutes:

Write your mobile phone number to Western Union money transfer form and perform your transaction at Finansbank Branch.

Type KONTOR from the same telephone number and text message it to Turkcell 1579.

For entitlement to free credits/minutes, you are required to perform minimum two Western Union money transfer transactions from Finansbank branches in the same month and participate with a text message also in the same month. Perform more Western Union money transfer transactions at Finansbank during the month, and win more free credits/minutes.

  • In order to win credits/minutes during the campaign period, you are required to send 1 SMS every month you perform transactions.
  • This campaign is valid only of the Western Union money transfer transactions performed at Finansbank. Free credits / minutes shall be downloaded to the Turkcell mobile phone number that you declare on Western Union money transfer form and send in the text message.

*Airtime Minutes equivalent to credits in Invoiced Turkcell Lines shall be downloaded as minutes.
*Only those who send a short text message from Turkcell Faturalı, Hazir Kart and Muhabbet Kart mobile phone numbers may participate in the campaign.
*Participation in the campaign is charged with 1 text message for Turkcell Faturalı (Invoiced), and with 2 credits for Hazır Kart and Muhabbet Kart.
*Hazır Kart and Muhabbet Kart subscribers can win credits; and Turkcell Faturalı subscribers can win minutes.
*Bonus credits shall be uploaded in the first week of the next month after the month of participation, while bonus minutes shall be reflected on the first next invoice period following the month of participation.
*Bonus credits / minutes are only valid for calls from Turkcell to Turkcell, and they are required to be used in three invoice periods.