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QNB Finansbank Banking Services

We Are Well Aware of Your Needs and Expectations, and We Offer a Myriad of Banking Privileges That Make Your Life Easier!

Your Special Customer Relations Manager

With your QNB First Customer Relations Manager, you can carry out all kinds of banking transactions with confidentiality and security, and get general information about the developments and expectations in the market, while thoroughly getting informed with answers to all your questions about your banking transactions in our QNB First rooms.

In our branches, you will be welcomed with the warm smile of your Customer Relations Manager who knows about your needs and preferences and makes you feel comfortable and secure as if you are at home.

Miles&Smiles QNB Finansbank Credit Card

How about traveling around the world by shopping?

Miles&Smiles  is the frequent-flyer program of Turkish Airlines. With the Miles&Smiles program, you can earn Miles from flights with Turkish Airlines and program partner airline companies. Also, you can earn Miles when you shop using Miles&Smiles QNB Finansbank cards. 

You can earn more miles abroad!

Earning miles abroad has never been easier! Earning up to %75 miles from shopping abroad is waiting for our QNB First customers.

Let your restaurant spendings turn into miles!
Our QNB First customers can earn up to %50 of their bills as miles at restaurants during weekdays and weekends. It is possible to turn your spendings into miles!

Who does not want to win by travelling!
QNB Finansbank provides the privilege of earning up to %50 of your travel and entertainment purchases, so that our QNB First customers can earn as they travel and travel as they earn.

Earn miles with one button!
Feel the privilege of your card when shopping online! Our QNB First customers can earn up to %75 from online shopping expenditures.

Discover Miles & Smiles and beyond!

With advance miles.. Do not wait for your miles to be accumulated !
You can get an award ticket with your advance miles without waiting for accumulating miles by using advance miles. You can compensate the advance miles you used when you make shopping later on.

Earn more miles with your THY status!

In addition to the miles you earn with your card, if your THY status is Classic Plus you can earn %25 more miles from shopping. If your status is Elite or Elite Plus, you can earn 50% more miles from shopping. You can convert earned miles to status miles and upgrade your status in THY. The higher your status, the more miles you can earn from shopping. You may visit Turkish Airlines website to learn more about Turkish Airlines Passenger Status.

Earn 1 mile for every 1 TRY you spend!

You are also privileged to buy flight tickets from Turkish Airlines! You can earn 1 mile for every 1 TRY spending on flight tickets that you will buy from Turkish Airlines channels.

*To be a QNB First client, your savings should be TRY 250,000 or above and to be a QNB First Plus client, your savings should be TRY 750,000 or above. To be a QNB Finansbank Private Banking client your savings should be TRY 2,500,000 or above. Your savings in are not included in the savings average in QNB Finansbank.

**Turkish Airlines channels:, Turkish Airlines Call Center, Turkish Airlines sales office, Turkish Airlines mobile application.

Increase Your Miles More! 

QNB First Plus and Private Banking members have the privilege of earning more Miles on their Miles & Smiles QNB Finansbank cards.** Our QNB First Plus customers can earn up to 10%; Private Banking customers can earn up to 20% more Miles. For example, QNB First customers can earn 750 Miles, QNB First Plus customers can earn 825 Miles, and Private Banking customers can earn 900 Miles for their abroad spending of 1,000 TRY.

* QNB Finansbank reserves the right to make changes in terms of service and contents of Miles&Smiles QNB Finansbank and it's priviliges. 
Miles & Smiles QNB Finansbank credit cards are individual credit cards. For this reason, in case of transactions with these cards other than the purpose of using individual credit cards (commercial expenses),  QNB Finansbank reserves the right of withdrawning earned Miles, limiting your Mile gain. Also, your card may be stopped completely or your card may be closed for use.

**To be a QNB First client, your savings should be TRY 250,000 or above and to be a QNB First Plus client, your savings should be TRY 750,000 or above. To be a QNB Finansbank Private Banking client your savings should be TRY 2,500,000 or above. Your savings in are not included in the savings average in QNB Finansbank.

24/7 QNB First Service Line Special for You

From now on, whenever you call the call center, you will be greeted by a special assistant. Your assistant will instantly carry out all your financial transactions with their banking experience swiftly, offering you access to private services of the QNB First world.
The confidence of knowing that there is a special assistant just for you whenever you call QNB First Service Line, the pleasure of receiving a swift and priority service and specific transaction limits for you... 

Did we mention that your priorities are our priorities?

A Huge Branch at the Other End of the Line availabie for you 24/7 !
For more information about our services for foreign customers, you can contact our Call Center at +90 850 222 0900/9 and our English-speaking agents will assist you with your needs 24 hours 7 days a week.

Free Money Transfer via QNB Mobile or Internet Banking

Enjoy a first class world with instant banking services and the privilege of free money transfer transactions via QNB Mobile or Internet Banking.

High ATM Withdrawal Limit and Free Transactions from Other Banks’ ATMs 

You will enjoy the comfort of drawing cash with high daily limits from QNB Finansbank ATMs. In addition, whenever you need to withdraw money, deposit funds, and ask for a balance, you can perform these transactions at other Banks’ ATMs without paying a commission fee.

Discounts on Safe Deposit Box

Now you will enjoy the comfort of having your investments in safe hands in every sense. You can benefit from a discount on your annual safe deposit box rentals and a discount on deposit fees.

Buying and Selling Stock Shares via FinansInvest

You can benefit from attractive commission rates in all share purchase and sale transactions from your QNB Finansinvest accounts.