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Enjoy a World Of Privileges With QNB First

Enjoy a world of privileges with QNB First

Are you ready for a world of privileges with QNB First where you will be enjoying privileges and advantages in many areas of life? From the moment you obtain QNB First credit card, you will be provided with many privileges in many aspects of life such as traveling, holiday, entertainment in addition to different solutions for your financial needs.

Live out your wishes with QNB First!

A World Full of Privileges

Banking Services

  • Your Special Customer Relationship Manager
  • Miles&Smiles QNB Finansbank Credit Card
  • 24/7 QNB First Service Line Special for You
  • Free Money Transfer via QNB Mobile or Internet Banking
  • High ATM Withdrawal Limit and Free Transactions from Other Banks’ ATMs
  • Discounts on Safe Deposit Box 
  • Buying and Selling Stock Shares via QNB Finansinvest 

Non-Banking Services

  • Travelling Privileges
  • Lifestyle Privileges
  • Global Privileges
  • Legal Consultancy 
  • Investment Consultancy 
  • Tax Consultancy 

How to become a QNB First Customer

To be a QNB First client, your savings should be TRY 600,000 or above and to be a QNB First Plus client, your savings should be TRY 1,750,000 or above. To be a QNB Finansbank Private Banking client your savings should be TRY 6,000,000 or above. Your savings in are not included in the savings average in QNB Finansbank.