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Contact Us & FAQ

A Huge Branch at the Other End of the Line 24/7!

Our QNB First Service Line

+90 850 222 0974 is at your service 24/7!

Dedicated Branch List

Our Relationship Managers in the below listed branches are ready to assist you in case you require any support while in Turkey:

Branch / City Relationship Manager Contact Information Language
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 275 0774/9278
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 275 0774/9584
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 318 5591/8257
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 318 5591/107
Istanbul (Europe)
Anna Maria
+90(212) 318 5591/8275
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 319 6010/108
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 347 7324/107
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 872 7972/105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 872 7972/107
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 876 85 85/ 105
+90 (216) 328 5363 /105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 458 8989 / 105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90(212) 296 3557/105
Istanbul (Europe)
Mouaaz Rasoul
+90 (212) 227 0626 / 114
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 635 5000 / 105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 291 1251/105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 238 1838/105
Istanbul (Europe)
Nesim Rüzgar
+90 (212) 243 7073 / 105
Istanbul (Europe)
+90 (212) 345 0720
+90(312) 442 1450 /112
Al Rawe
+90(242) 324 6565/105
+90 (264) 718 3807 / 112
+90 (462) 323 22 72 / 105

How to Register QNB Finansbank Mobile Banking?

How to Register QNB Finansbank Mobile Banking:

  • Download QNB Finansbank application from Apple Store (in case of İOS) or Google Play (in case of Android),
  • Get your QNB Finansbank mobile banking password by contacting your QNB Finansbank Branch (your customer representative) or QNB Finansbank Call Center (0090 850 222 0974) for Arabic language or (0090 850 222 0900) for Turkish and English language. (This password will be a temporary one and you will be asked to change it at first login.)
  • Enter your customer number and your password then press login,
  • At first login a One Time Password (SMS OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone.You should enter it within 60 seconds,
  • Enter the last four (4) numbers of your YKN* (Foreign number ID) or VKN (Tax ID Number),
  • You will be asked for password change.
    • Re-enter the temporary password that you got,
    • Enter a new password and re-type your password to confirm it in the second and third boxes,
  • Press ok and you are welcome to QNB Finansbank Mobile Banking.

How to Register QNB Finansbank Internet Banking:

  • Get your QNB Finansbank mobile banking password by contacting your QNB Finansbank Branch (your customer representative) or QNB Finansbank Call Center (0090 850 222 0974) for Arabic language or (0090 850 222 0900) for Turkish and English language. (This password will be a temporary one and you will be asked to change it at first login.)
  • Visit QNB Finansbank website ,
  • Click on Internet branch on the right top of the page,
  • Enter your customer number and your password then press proceed,
  • At first login a One Time Password (SMS OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone. You should enter it within 60 seconds,
  • Enter the last four (4) numbers of your YKN* (Foreign number ID) or VKN (Tax ID Number).
  • You will be asked for password change.
  • Re-enter the temporary password that you got,
  • Enter a new password and re-type your password to confirm it in the second and third boxes,
  • Press ok then choose a security logo,
  • Press ok again and you are welcome to QNB Finansbank Internet Banking.

* Your Tax ID number is written in the Welcome email that has been sent to you when your account has opened.

QNB First Nakit is All You Need for Both Shopping and Withdrawing Cash!

  • To access your QNB First Nakit password please use the Bank Internet Website - Your Frequent Transactions tab - Cards tab
  • To change your debit card PIN number:
    • 1. Log-in to your Internet Banking Account
    • 2. Click on "Frequent Transactions"
    • 3. Click on "Cards"
    • 4. Click on "Change PIN"

    For further assistance, you can Call our Call Center on +90 850 222 0974.

  • You must use your PIN Number in all of transactions to be carried out with QNB First Nakit. The PIN number of QNB First Nakit is the same used on the ATMs and shopping transactions.
  • You are the sole person responsible of your card, from the moment that you receive the card. Please make sure to sign on the back of the card.
  • Please do not write your PIN number on the card or carry it in your wallet; do not share your PIN number with anybody including Bank' employees and keep your PIN number confidential. You must safely keep your card and the PIN number information to yourself, you must not share the information thereof with a third party, you must not let a third party use your card and you must take required measures, accordingly.
  • Do not use PIN numbers which are easy to guess by a third party such as date of birth, or telephone number.
  • While shopping with your QNB First Nakit Card, please make sure you have enough balance corresponding to the amount of your purchase.
  • The authorization for online shopping must be activated and monthly online shopping limit must be defined in your card so as to do shopping on Internet through your main account related to QNB First and your additional accounts related to this main account by using a password on web sites within the limits to be determined by you. Online shopping authorization is closed and monthly online shopping limits are TRY 0 for the customers who receive bank card for the first time. For shopping online, you are required to activate your online shopping authorization and identify a monthly limit for online shopping through QNB Finansbank Consumer Internet Branch or through Telephone Banking by dialing +90 850 222 0974.
  • In QNB Finansbank ATMs, you may also monitor all your accounts operating under your consumer debit card. Your accounts other than the main account related to your card cannot be monitored in ATMs of other banks. You may withdraw cash only from the main account related to your card from the ATMs in foreign countries.
  • You will be making your payments in TRY for the transactions performed through foreign currencies. The Bank exchanges these transactions into USD first then Turkish Lira through the prevailing free market effective exchange rate of the Bank on the date of registry on the card's account and relevant amount is issued as receivable on the card account.
  • You may withdraw cash or perform transactions from the ATMs carrying the emblem of Maestro/Cirrus, Plus and Electron in foreign country as well as ATMs of QNB Finansbank and other common ATMs.
  • For the transactions to be performed in ATMs of the banks other than QNB Finansbank in the country and in ATMs in foreign countries, a commission fee shall be charged by our Bank. For details, please visit
  • Should your card and/or PIN number information is lost, stolen or out ownership due to any reason or should any transaction take place without the consent of the card owner's free will, please inform the bank by calling our customer care centre on +90 850 222 0974 and you must also confirm such situation in writing.
  • You are responsible for the loss arising from illegal use which takes place within 24 (twenty four) hours prior to loss/stolen notification to our Bank for an amount of TRY 150 (a hundred and fifty Turkish Liras) or for an amount to be determined as per the amendments in the relevant legislation. Should the illegal use is caused by your negligence or on purpose or you fail to notify the Bank within 24 (twenty four hours), above mentioned limitation does not apply. You might demand insurance for the obligatory amount with the condition of paying relevant insurance premium. If you do not accept the insurance company or insurance premium amount referred by the Bank, you are free to take out a policy from an insurance company of your choice.
  • In case of address change, or telephone number, or any other information, you are kindly requested to notify the bank in writing about these changes.
  • Please be careful against the people offering you help in case of your card being stuck or held in ATM and do not accept any help from strangers. Once you encounter any suspicious situation (a device intentionally placed, etc.) in the ATM where you perform transactions, please do not perform any transaction and immediately inform your bank.
  • You can shop in installments with your QNB First Nakit if you have enough available balance in your account or Additional Account* limit. The very first installment amount shall be instantly deducted from your account for the shopping transactions made in installments to be paid through your demand deposit balance, a frozen time deposit shall be opened in a balance in debt corresponding to the total installment amount with the same due date, this account shall be blocked until the full payment of the installments pending, interest with a daily rate determined by our Bank shall be issued on these installment amounts during the frozen period, the cumulative amounts shall be transferred to the demand deposit on the due date which coincides with the opening day of demand deposit in each month and installment amounts valued in the time deposit shall not be open for use during the time in which installment amounts are blocked. Same time deposit shall be opened rather than opening a new time deposit when you make another purchasing transaction up to 30 days starting from the first installment date to the final installment date. If you do not make any purchasing transaction during this period, time deposit shall be automatically closed. You may also close your time deposit by going to our branches without waiting for the automatic closure within 30 days as from final installment date. For the purchasing transactions to be made with Additional Account limit, first installment amount shall be immediately deducted from your account; and a blockage shall be applied in an amount corresponding to installment amounts yet to be paid; however, no interest shall be issued on the amount frozen. 
  • Fees, commissions and expenses stated in your contract shall be noted as receivables for the main account related to your QNB First Nakit card. Please visit for detailed information on usage of your card.

*Additional Account is a credit limit to be defined on your demand deposit account.

Let us take care of tracking your bills and make your life easier!

There are already so many things you have to keep in mind. Why don't you leave the bills to us? Apply now to set up automatic payments by your credit card or via your account.

To take advantage of automatic bill payment, simply visit a QNB Finansbank branch with your latest bill to set up an automatic payment and complete the "Automatic Bill Payment Order" form.

Another option is to contact us on our Call Center or visit Internet & Mobile Branch to instantly set up automatic bill payments.


What is the quickest way to perform your transactions?

Internet Branch

It does not matter where you are as long as you have Internet access; perform any of your banking transactions without visiting the branches.

Use our Internet Branch to perform a great many transactions quickly and easily such as making money transfer, paying your bills, setting up an automatic payment order, paying off loans and credit card bills as well as monitoring account activities!


ATMs and Branches

Need one-on-one contact for your banking transactions? Don't worry because we are always at your service with our ever-expanding network of branches and ATMs..

You don't have to go to any branches or wait in long queues for your banking transactions: use QNB Finansbank ATMs to make money transfer, deposit money as well as pay bills, loans or credit card and see your current account statement.

Click here to learn more about our ATMs and branches and see the nearest ones.

Telephone Banking

Our Telephone Banking (+90 850 222 0974) is available at your service 24/7 with its ever-increasing representatives to facilitate your banking transactions and resolve any of the problems you may have in the quickest way possible!

Facebook & Twitter & Instagram

Follow QNB Finansbank on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about our updates on the latest campaigns/products and share your requests and suggestions.

How to make the best of your savings?

We are at your service with our various deposit and investment products to help you save and use your savings in the most profitable ways.

QNB Finansbank offers the most advantageous services with a wide range of products to help you manage your deposits and investments effectively.

Take advantage of your savings with a peace of mind guaranteed by QNB Finansbank and invest in your future today.

Click here for detailed information about our deposit and investment products.

How can we help you for your cash needs?

Don't bother to look for any support when you need cash. QNB Finansbank is always there in any step you may take in your life, meeting your cash needs with the best and most advantageous loan options tailored for you.

Personal Loan application is instantly available with budget-friendly interest rates at QNB Finansbank branches. Once your application is approved, you can use the loan immediately.

Interest rates and campaign terms may be subject to changes by QNB Finansbank depending on the market conditions.


How do we secure you?

Unpleasant surprises in life are inevitable but you can of course mitigate their effects on your life and secure your valuable assets from your car to your house, your health and your life through insurance. QNB Finansbank welcomes you through a wide range of insurance products including unemployment insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance and auto insurance-each offered by insurance companies we are working with.

Click here for detailed information about our insurance products.

Foreign customers can also benefit from our insurance products by applying with TIN and foreign identity no.

What can you do with QNB Finansbank credit cards?

Enjoy exceptional advantages and amenities across over 1500 brands and 250,000 points of sale with your personal QNB Finansbank credit card!

You can use QNB Finansbank credit cards to enjoy services for your everyday needs such as towing, locksmith and more, earn money point from shopping and tap into profitable industry programs to get discounts. Click here to check out QNB Finansbank credit card products.

Click here to see the services and options offered by QNB Finansbank credit cards.