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POS Device Insurance Package

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With POS Device Insurance Package that covers company owners for any accidents or damages that may occur to desktop or mobile POS devices used by our member merchants our SME's are now under guarantee.

  • Negligence, fault, mistake, carelessness or sabotage of operational staff
  • Theft of theft attempts at the location of the insured goods (except for pickpocketing)
  • Flawed design & material
  • Effects of short circuit, high voltage, induction flow
  • Fire, lightning and all kinds of explosions and extinguishing, demolishing and rescuing acts as a result of these.
  • Getting parched, tarnished, smoke and fume
  • Natural disasters such as earthquake, storm, flood, torrent, landslip, land subsidence
  • The effects of water and moisture and corrosion damages due to these
  • Other unexceptionable occurrences
  • Harms and damages to mobile and portable electronic devices during usage and delivery at a location other than the one stated in the insurance policy.(Mobile Hand-held Devices Clause)
  • All harms and damages caused by strike, lockout, riots, civic turmoil and the resulting military and disciplinary actions. (Terrorism Clause)

As well as its POS Device coverage, POS Device Insurance Package includes Personal Accident, Health Advantages World and Emergency Ambulance and Medical Advisory Services.

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