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Agricultural Insurance

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QNB Finansbank has started a sustainable large scale agricultural insurance policy that will provide stability of income by having farmers covered in case of natural disasters.

With the Government Supported Agricultural Insurance system, Vegetative Product Insurance assures all vegetative and greenhouse products by covering the lost amounts as a result of storms, tornados, earthquakes, landslips and puts the efforts of the farmer under warranty.

  • Hail Guarantee
  • Storm & Tornado Guarantee
  • Fire Guarantee
  • Landslip Guarantee
  • Earthquake Guarantee
  • Quality Loss Guarantee
  • Frost Guarantee (for fruits only)

  • 50% of the Vegetative Product Insurance premiums are covered by the government.
  • In order to benefit from Agricultural Insurance, our clients should have had their records updated in the Farmer Registration system for the production year 2010.