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Package Life Insurance

The Most Precious Gift that You Could Present to All You Live For

Package Life Insurance offers wide range of benefits against vital risks that you may confront.

It combines life insurance guarantees that you need and provides financial security for you and your family.

All individuals between ages 18-65 with no health obstacles can benefit from the package.

The insurance is valid for 1 year. The policy will be renewed during 5 years.

Death Benefit 10.000 TL
Permanent Disability Benefit Due to Accident 10.000 TL
Medical Expenses Benefit Due to Accident (Yearly) 1.000 TL
Hospitalisation Benefit Due to Sickness and Accident (Daily) 20 TL
Benefit Due to Sickness (Daily) 20 TL

Asistance services

Free assistance services are offered with this product:

  • Medical consulting (unlimited)
  • Ground ambulance service (unlimited in case of emergency)
  • Transportation with air ambulance (organization, transportation to the closest hospital)
  • Information services (unlimited)
  • Pharmaceutical procurement service (organization)
  • Providing drugs (Organization)