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Gold Collection Days

You are invited to our Gold Collection Days

You can convert your golden jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets and all your other gold from 1 gram bars to coins and even the gold you keep in bank safe-deposit cash into a deposit safely with QNB Finansbank!

Bring all your mattress gold savings to QNB Finansbank to be valued by a team of experts from Istanbul Gold Refinery and get the equivalent of your gold in grams of 24 carats right into your account.

Either go on saving gold by transferring the gold you deposit into your Demand Gold Account to Gold Accumulating Account or transfer the into your Term Deposit Account to benefit from both possible increases in value of gold and interest yield.

The equivalent of the physical gold you bring is deposited in grams of 24 carat to your Demand Gold Account.

You can put your gold which is deposited to Demand Gold Account to good use in different ways by transferring them to Term Deposit Gold Account or Gold Accumulating Account.


  • You can increase the value of your gold savings at our bank with no risk of theft or loss.
  • You convert your gold that you deposit into Demand Gold Account into cash and get the TRY equivalent of them any time and in any amount.
  • The TRY, foreign currency and valuable metal savings deposit accounts opened in the names of natural persons at the domestic branches of the Turkish banks are under guarantee of Saving Deposit Insurance Fund up to TRY 200.000 per natural person in a bank.
  • Our bank is not responsible for any valuation services provided on Gold Collection Days. Istanbul Gold Refinery is responsible for any problem, objection and complaints arising from the valuation services provided by IGR.
  • You can direct all your complaints and feedback through telephone banking at 0850 222 0900 and 0850 222 2900 or through QNB Finansbank website.


For further information, refer to our branches.

Interest Rates and Fees

For more information on Term Gold Deposit interest rates, refer to our branches.

No relevant account maintenance fee is charged.


Which Days are Gold Accumulation Days?

For detailed information, contact our branches.

Can I receive my gold that I have physically delivered back physically any time?

You cannot receive back the gold that you have delivered physically. You can keep them in grams in your Demand Gold Account or withdraw them by converting them into any of the foreign currencies traded by our bank.

How many carats will the gold that I bring physically be valued?

The value of your gold in 24 carat (995/1000) is calculated by Istanbul Gold Refinery and its equivalent in grams is deposited into your demand gold account.

Is there any fee that I should pay when I want to delivery my gold physically?

No fee is charged when delivering your gold physically.

Can I bring my physical gold to any of your branches to transfer them into demand gold account?

You can deposit your physical gold to your demand gold account at the designated branches on gold collection days.