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Gold Account

Save for your future with Gold Accumulating Account

Using Gold Account of QNB Finansbank, you can buy and sell gold in grams and put your accumulated gold to good use at time deposit account. So, now investing in gold is as easy as investing in foreign exchange.


  • You can keep your savings in your gold account with no risk of theft or loss.
  • You can buy & sell gold at advantageous exchange rates without bearing any cost of workmanship.
  • You can put your accumulated gold to good use as time deposit at any term from 1 day to 1 year.
  • QNB Finansbank's free market rate is used for the buying/selling transactions you make through demand gold account.
  • If you want to save gold safely and more profitably or to put your savings to good use as gold like others, this is the way to make gold transactions with QNB Finansbank!
  • You can direct all your complaints and feedback through telephone banking at 0850 222 0900 and 0850 222 2900 or through QNB Finansbank website.


You can open this account either through all QNB Finansbank branches or through telephone banking at 0850 222 09 00 and .

You can open and/or close your demand deposit gold accounts and time deposit gold accounts through all QNB Finansbank branches through telephone banking at  0850 222 09 00 , or by .

Interest Rates and Fees

For more information on Term Gold Deposit interest rates, refer to our branches.

No relevant account maintenance fee is charged.


Can I close my Gold Account any time?

Gold account is type of demand account. You can close your account any time by giving relevant order to your branch. The amounts accumulated are paid in lump sum to your account.

Can I deposit money to my gold account?

You can deposit money to your gold account any time.

Does my gold accumulated in the gold account bear interest?

Gold account is type of demand account. No interest accrues on demand deposit account.

Where can I open Gold Accumulating Account?

You can open with any of the QNB Finansbank branches through telephone banking at 0850 222 09 00 or through