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Demand Deposit

Make use of all retail banking services that you may need in your daily life

Demand Deposit enables you to easily make use of all retail banking services that you may need in your daily life.

You can open your Demand Deposit in TRY or in foreign currency and use your savings any time you demand.


  • With Demand Deposit, you will have no more trouble in carrying cash and check; and you will be able to make any payment by means of your debit card.
  • With QNB Finansbank CardFinans Nakit, you can take advantage of baking services for 24/7 by means of Single Point ATMs, as well as all ATMs of QNB Finansbank.
  • You can use Telephone Banking  and Online Banking to get information about your accounts, request your account contract be sent by email, make your payments and other banking transactions.
  • By an Automatic Payment Order given, you can make sure that your bills are paid in timely manner without tracking the due dates.
  • You can make EFTs and bank transfers, and you can make money transfers between QNB Finansbank branches via QNB Finansbank ATMs,  free of charge.

You can direct all your complaints and feedback through telephone banking at 0850 222 0900 and 0850 222 2900 or through QNB Finansbank website.


You can open and/or close your time deposit accounts through all QNB Finansbank branches, through telephone banking at  0850 222 09 00, or by .

Interest Rates and Fees

Our bank will quarterly collect an account maintenance fee of TRY38.25 from your account. If you have only foreign currency account with our bank or the funds available in your TRY account is insufficient, foreign currency equivalent of TRY38.25 will be collected from your foreign currency account. This amount will be calculated based on our bank's selling rate prevailing on the date of collection.


Can I deposit money in my demand account?

You can deposit money to your demand account any time.

Can I withdraw money from my demand account any time?

You can withdraw money from your demand account any time.

Can I close my demand account any time?

You can close your demand account any time.