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QNB Finansbank aims to set an example as a leading bank

Moody's Investor Service
Long-term Foreign Currency Deposit Raiting B2
Long-term Local Currency Deposit Raiting Ba3
Short-term Foreign Currency Bank Deposit Raiting NP
Short-term Local Currency  Bank Deposit Raiting NP
Baseline Credit Assessment  b2
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment ba3
Long-term Counterparty Risk Assessment Ba2 (cr)
Short-term Counterparty Risk Assessment NP (cr)
Long-term Local Currency Senior Unsecured Debt / Issuer Ratings (P) Ba3
Long-term Foreign Currency Senior Unsecured Debt / Issuer Ratings (P) Ba3
Fitch Ratings
Long-term Foreign Currency IDR BB-
Long-term Local Currency IDR BB
Short-term Foreign Currency IDR B
Short-term Local Currency IDR B
Long-term National Rating AA(tur)
Viability Rating b+
Support Rating 3
Long-term/ Short-term Senior Unsecured Debt BB- / B
Capital Intelligence
Long-term Foreign Currency BB-
Short-term Foreign Currency B
Financial Strength BB+
Support Rating 2

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