Prestige Fund Transfer And Conversion

Account Closure Informing


In 2015/14 numbered and 01/06/2015 dated meeting of Capital Market Board; it is decided that "QNB Finansbank A.Ş Long Term Type B Variable Fund", of which we are the founder, is taken over by Finans Asset Management. In other respects, it is allowed that the aforementioned fund is transformed with the title "Finans Asset Management Eurobond Debt Instruments Fund" that is affiliated to Finans Asset Management Debt Instruments Umbrella Fund before transfer operations are completed in the 23/1087 numbered and 28/08/2015 dated meeting of Capital Market Board.

The amendments will be put into practice as of 26/10/2015. New participation share sales of the Fund will not be exercised during the period between publication date of herein announcement and effective date of the changes.


  • 1. The title of the fund will be changed as follows.
    Former Title New Title
    QNB Finansbank A.Ş Long Term Type B Variable Fund Finans Asset Management Eurobond Debt Instruments Fund
  • 2. The management strategy of the Fund will be changed as follows.

    At least 80% of Fund's total value will regularly be invested on domestic and/or foreign public and/or private sector foreign debt instruments (Eurobond).

    ASSET AND TRANSACTION TYPE Minimum % Maximum %
    Public and/or Private Sector Foreign Debt Instruments (Eurobond) 80 100
    Foreign Exchange and Capital Market Instruments 0 20
    Public and/or Private Sector Debt Instruments 0 20
    Asset Backed Securities 0 20
    Asset Guaranteed Securities 0 20
    Mortgage Backed/Mortgage Guaranteed Securities 0 20
    Lease Certificate 0 20
    Revenue Partnership Certificates 0 20
    Gold and Precious Metals and Precious Metal Backed Capital Market Instruments 0 10
    Revenue Indexed Certificates 0 20
    Real Estate Certificates 0 20
    Reverse Repo Transactions 0 20
    Takasbank Money Market Transactions 0 20
    Mutual Fund Participation Shares, Exchange Traded Fund Participation Shares, Real Estate Mutual Fund Participation Shares, Venture Capital Mutual Fund Participation Shares 0 20
    Partnership Interest 0 20
    Deposits/Participation Accounts (TRY and Foreign Currency) 0 10
    Warrants and Certificates 0 10
  • 3. Management fee of the fund will be changed as follows but there are not any changes on the total expense rate.
      Former New
    Fund Management Fee Annual 1,83 %
    Daily 0,0050 %
    Annual 0,75 %
    Daily 0,00205 %
  • 4. Finans Invest will be Portfolio Custodian of all funds.
  • 5. Management of the funds will continue under Finans Asset Management.