QNB Finansbank A.Ş. GT-30 Fund

QNB Finansbank A.Ş. GT-30 Fund



Request on liquidation of QNB Finansbank A.Ş GT-30 Type A Exchange Traded Fund, of which we are the founder, is approved by Capital Market Board with the decision numbered 17/837 and dated on 03.07.2015.

In line with the permit numbered E.7199 and dated on 10.07.2015 obtained from Capital Market Board; fund liquidation transactions will be initiated on 14.01.2016, the first working day following the end of six (6) month period as of herein announcement.

The information concerning liquidation process is stated below.


  • Within 10 working days following the end of 6 month period, Fund assets will be liquidated within framework of the principles indicated in Fund Internal Regulations and Prospectus and this amount will be distributed to investors having Fund shares at the rates of their shares.
  • Fund Internal Regulations and Prospectus will be cancelled in the trade registry in the first working day following liquidation of the Fund assets and internal regulation and prospectus cancellation will be announced in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette (TTSG).
  • New shares will not be issued after notification of termination.
  • No shares will be issued and taken back as of liquidation time.
  • In order for distribution of Fund assets that will be liquidated at the rates of the investor shares; a special account will be opened in Istanbul Clearing, Settlement and Custody Bank Inc.- (Takasbank), concerning liquidation of the Fund; liquidated Fund assets will be transferred to this account by the founder; investors having Fund participation shares and investment enterprises where the investors have accounts will be notified to Takasbank by Central Registry Agency in a list; investors' cash amounts accrued will collectively be transferred to the cash accounts of investment enterprises, where the investors have accounts, within framework of the information obtained from CRA and distribution of these amounts to the investor accounts will be performed by the relevant enterprises.
  • Within framework of the stock exchange opinion; Fund participation shares will be traded in Stock Exchange Corporate Products Market until the end of 6 month period and Fund participation shares will be removed permanently from Exchange list and Exchange Market on the first working day following the end of 6 month period.
    • In case there are participation shares that are not refunded at the end of 6 month period, shares will be sold without waiting for order od Participation share owners.
    • As per Article 89 of Execution and Bankruptcy Law; in case of attachment on participation shares and since aforementioned attachment will be deducted from liquidation balance at the end of Fund liquidation, payments concerning participation shares with attachment on will be made to enforcement offices seizing the attachment.
    • The cash, which belongs to investors and is obtained with the sale of participation shares, will be valued in reverse repo transactions.
  • As per fourth sub-article provision of Article 83 of Capital Market Law numbered 6362; in case amounts, which are benefited and preserved in the accounts to be opened in the name of investors as of liquidation date, are not demanded, they will be registered as revenue in Investor Compensation Center.
  • All the expenses due to liquidation of the Fund will be undertaken by the Founder without being met by Fund portfolio.