E-CAS Investor Notification System

E-CAS Investor Notification System

Central Registry Agency (CRA) is custodian institution of Turkey for capital market instruments that are decided to be dematerialize by Capital Markets Board. Registries pertaining to capital market instruments at CRA are preserved on the basis of beneficiary owner. E-CAS (Investor Notification System) is a system activated by Central Registry Agency within scope of investor notification services. The system aims to instantly notify investors about possible errors or abuses regarding stocks in their investment accounts and minimize or remove possible specific or systemic risks.

E-CAS: With Investor Notification application; investors can receive notifications related to the following operations through e-mail and SMS;

  • Stock outflows (sale, securities transfer, L/B market transaction, conditional Virement),
  • Stocks collateral and pledge transactions,
  • Attachments and liens laid on capital market instruments in their investment accounts,
  • Attachments and liens laid on capital market instruments that are pledged and held in their accounts.

The customers, who are not registered into E-Cas application, should make registry to E-Cas customer notification system via CRA website with e-government password, R.T ID number/CRA password or CRA registry number.

Capital Markets Board will announce when Extended Prevention Phase will be put into practice and it will not be possible to carry out outflows transactions stated below for all the securities monitored and present in another account that is not owned by the investor for the customers who do not complete their registries until aforementioned date.

  • Security transfers,
  • Conditional virement transactions,
  • Stock exchange (inside and outside) sales transactions,
  • Pledge/collateral transfers,
  • Lending in L/B market,
  • VIOP option security payment transactions,
  • Transfer transactions to EKMT.

Customers, who have not registered to E-Cas application yet, can complete their registries via https://www.mkk.com.tr/en/ address on "Investor Notification" application with R.T ID Number / E-Government Password or CRA Registry Number / CRA Password