Conversion Of Doctors Fund

Conversion Of Doctors Fund

Conversion of Finans Asset Management Doctors Debt Instruments Special Fund


In the 30/06/2016 dated and 21/734 numbered meeting of Capital Market Board, "Finans Asset Management Doctors Debt Instruments Special Fund", of which we are the founder, is allowed to be converted into "Finans Asset Management Second Private Sector Debt Instruments Fund".

The amendments will be put into practice as of 16/08/2016. New participation share sales of the Fund will not be exercised during the period between publication date of herein announcement and effective date of the changes.


  • 1. The title of the fund will be changed as follows.
    Former Title New Title
    Finans Asset Management Doctors Debt Instruments Special Fund Finans Asset Management Second Private Sector Debt Instruments Fund
  • 2. The management strategy of the Fund will be changed as follows.

    Investment strategy of the Fund: As per Article 6 of the Communiqué, at least 80% of Fund's total value will regularly be invested in domestic private sector debt instruments. Banks, their subsidiaries and affiliates in Turkey and private sector debt instruments issued by the companies traded within BIST 30 index will mostly be included in the Fund portfolio. This fund is suitable for the investors investing mostly on fixed income securities and at the same time, wanting to use possible opportunities in other financial markets.

    For the issuers that are suitable for the definition above while being included in the debt instruments fund portfolio but fall outside of the fund strategy later on due to change in BIST 30 index scope, termination of subsidiary and affiliate structures of the banks and similar reasons; an evaluation is immediately performed at Risk Committee authorized by Founder Board of Directors. Risk Committee can made decision concerning keeping the relevant private sector debt instruments within fund portfolio and/or removing them from the portfolio within possibility of market liquidity by considering weight of the debt instruments in the portfolio, number of days until maturity, market liquidity and similar factors. However, even if a decision is made at the Risk Committee concerning removal from the portfolio, sales transactions of private sector debt instruments can be carried out within the market liquidity conditions.

  • 3. Management fee of the Fund has been decreased from annual approximately 1,97% (one decimal point ninety seven) to approximately 1,40% (fourteen per thousand) provided that the management fee falls within the maximum total expense rate of the Fund.
  • 4. Benchmarking criterion of the Fund is determined to be 25% BIST-KYD OST Index (Variable) + 55% BIST-KYD OST Index (Fixed) + 20 BIST-KYD O/N Gross Repo Index.
  • 5. Finans Invest will be Portfolio Custodian of all funds.
  • 6. Management of the funds will continue under Finans Asset Management.