Aggressive Fund Transfer And Conversion

Aggressive Fund Transfer And Conversion


In 2015/14 numbered and 01/06/2015 dated meeting of Capital Market Board; it is decided that "QNB Finansbank A.Ş Type A Variable Fund (Fund with Intense Equity)", of which we are the founder, is taken over by Finans Asset Management. In other respects, it is allowed that the aforementioned fund is associated under Finans Finans Asset Management Second Equity Fund (Fund with Intense Equity) before transfer operations are completed in the 23/1087 numbered and 28/08/2015 dated meeting of Capital Market Board.

The amendments will be put into practice as of 26/10/2015. New participation share sales of the Fund will not be exercised during the period between publication date of herein announcement and effective date of the changes.


  • 1. The title of the fund subject to association will be changed as follows.
    Former Title New Title
    QNB Finansbank A.Ş Type A Variable Fund (Fund with Intense Equity) Finans Asset Management Second Equity Fund (Fund with Intense Equity)
  • 2. The Fund will be associated under Finans Asset Management Second Equity Fund (Fund with Intense Equity) affiliated to Finans Asset Management Equity Umbrella Fund and management strategy will be changed as follows.

    The Fund aims to acquire capital gain by investing 80% of the portfolio on a daily basis in the equities of the companies regularly traded in stock exchange, as per the legislation. The aim is to benefit from high return opportunities against the high risk of the equities.

    Since the fund is the type of fund with intense equity; minimum 80% of total value of the Fund is invested on issuer interests traded in BIST, cash collaterals of futures agreements made based on issuer interest and issuer interest indexes, premiums of option agreements based on issuer interests and issuer interests traded in stock exchange and warrants of intermediary institutions based on issuer interests except for interests of securities investment partnerships. Since market timing has a crucial role in determination of investment strategy, fast and short term changes can be exercised in the portfolio distribution accordingly. Besides, domestic and foreign capital market instruments can also be included in the portfolio based on the market conditions. Foreign money and capital market instruments can be included in the fund portfolio with the rate of maximum 20% of the fund's total value.

    ASSET AND TRANSACTION TYPE Minimum % Maximum %
    Domestic Partnership Interests 80 100
    Public Debt Instruments 0 20
    Private Sector Debt Instruments 0 20
    Reverse Repo Transactions 0 20
    Takasbank Money Market Transactions 0 20
    Foreign Partnership Interest 0 20
    Foreign Public/Private Sector Debt Instruments 0 20
    Lease Certificate 0 20
    Time Deposits / Participation Account 0 10
    Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Fund Participation Shares and Partnership Interests 0 10
    Mortgage and Asset Backed Security 0 20
    Warrants and Certificates 0 10
  • 3. There are no amendments in management fee and total expense rates of the Fund.
  • 4. Finansinvest will be Portfolio Custodian of all funds.
  • 5. Management of the funds will continue under Finans Asset Management.
  • 6. Unit share value of the fund to be associated on the association date of the funds is divided by the unit share value to be terminated and conversion rate is calculated. Number of shares of the fund terminated is divided by the conversion rate and the number of shares obtained is added to shares of the fund under which the fund will be associated. The shares, which cannot be rounded up to minimum share amount that is required for carrying out transaction due to conversion operation, will be liquidated and transferred to the account of the investor in cash. This amount will be determined over the price on the conversion date.
  • 7. Based on the similar management strategy, it is aimed that the Fund is associated at Finans Asset Management Second Equity Fund (Fund with Intense Equity) issued under Finans Asset Management. Equity Umbrella Fund and performance is increased.
  • 8. Assets and liabilities of the fund terminated will be transferred to the fund associated on the association date.