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Security Settings

QNB Finansbank takes privacy and security seriously

To enhance the security of our Internet Banking, we offer you new customizable security settings.

Using the "High Security Settings" menu, you can request a "High Security SMS Password(One-time Password)" to use when you log onto our Internet branch and when making money transfers, or to disable Internet Banking for any type of transaction you want. You can also configure your settings to that money transfers are sent only to the recipients you have identified, or you can limit the access to our Internet branch by specifying your location and define your Internet Service Provider or IP address.

You can use a High Security SMS Password on Entry

With the "SMS Request for Login" option, you can request an additional password to be sent via SMS every time you access Internet Banking. For this request, you need to give us your mobile phone number in the "SMS Password Request" option under the "High Security Settings".

You can use a High Security SMS Password when transferring money

With the "SMS Limit Setting" option, you can set your own limits for your money transfers. When the total of your transaction exceeds your set limits, an SMS password will be sent to you automatically. If you do not set a limit, you will need to use the SMS password for the totals exceeding the maximum limits set by the Bank. For the totals under the limits defined by the bank, no SMS password will be sent.

You can designate transactions that can be conducted using our Internet branch

If you are transferring money only to certain recipients, you can activate the "Recipient Restriction" option under "High Security Settings". By doing so, you can only select from the identified recipients for money transfers, you cannot transfer money to a different recipient. Only you can activate this option by using the High Security SMS Password.

If you are using our Internet branch only for certain transactions, you can disable other transactions. You can also use the "Transaction Restriction" option under the "High Security Settings" menu to ensure that no transaction can be done at times when you do not use our Internet branch, by disabling all transactions.

Designate your Internet connection and customize your access to our Internet branch

You can specify which country you are logging on from, your Internet Service Provider or the IP address you use to connect to Internet. You can prevent any access to your Internet Banking from any country, Internet Service Provider or computer other than the ones you have identified.

You can make your Internet Banking more secure and more personal by using "High Security Settings"today. For more detailed information, call +90 850 222 0 900 Telephone Banking.