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Security & Privacy

QNB Finansbank takes privacy and security seriously

The bank wants their customers to know that all information is securely used and all personnel are informed of and follow a strict confidentiality act.

  • Instead of using SSL 40-bit encryption, which is often used by other organizations in e-business, like many other banks in Turkey we prefer a security program with much stronger 128-bit encryption. In addition to the encryption done on the browser side, an encryption is also done on the server side to ensure the absolute security of our Bank and you as our customers.
  • In order to prevent anyone from seeing the Internet Banking user's password when they look at screen of the computer the user is operating on, the password is never displayed on the screen during the user sessions but rather is represented on the screen as stars. In the event that the user leaves the computer while Internet banking is being used, the session will automatically close in 5 minutes, thus preventing others from using the Internet Banking session.
  • As a precaution against password theft through online fraud methods like keylogger programs, a "Virtual Keyboard" is provided, so that you have the option of entering your password with your mouse, instead of your keyboard. Using the Virtual Keyboard on the password entry page protects you from security breaking programs, known as "keyloggers" that record the digits of your password if the password is entered with a keyboard. It is a risk to enter your password with a keyboard on a computer that might have a hidden program like this. Using the keys on the Virtual Keyboard will eliminate the risks resulting from such programs.